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(Photo: 5 Strong)

(Photo: 5 Strong)

(Photo: Education Leaders of Color)

(Photo: Education Leaders of Color)

(Photo: Latinos for Education)

(Photo: Latinos for Education)

(Photo: Center for Black Educator Development)

(Photo: Center for Black Educator Development)

Meet some of our Education grantees.

Our grantees are at the forefront of building a public education system that values quality learning and strives to ensure teachers have the resources and support they need to help their students unlock empowered, self-sufficient futures.

Excellent Educators

Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity (BranchED)

To diversify the educator pipeline and implement quality improvements to teacher preparation.

Center for Black Educator Development

To diversify the teacher pipeline.

Leading Educators

To support high-quality teacher professional learning.

Teaching Lab

To support high-quality teacher professional learning.


To support quality improvements to teacher preparation.

The New Teacher Project (TNTP)

To support policies and practices that enable great teaching.

Urban Teachers

To support quality improvements to teacher preparation.

High-Quality Teaching

Achievement Network

To support standards-aligned teaching that is informed by data.

Alder Graduate School of Education

To increase diverse teacher pipelines.

Black Teacher Collaborative

To magnify the impact of Black teachers on Black students and increase retention of Black educators.

Charter School Growth Fund

To diversify the teacher pipeline and expand the use of teaching practices that accelerate student learning.

Education Resource Strategies (ERS)

To assist school systems in strategically using their available resources—including time, people and finances.

English Learners Success Forum

To equip educators and curriculum developers with the necessary resources to help English Learners (ELs) succeed.

Instruction Partners

To increase equitable access to great instruction.

New Leaders

To develop school leaders as powerful and positive forces for change across the education system.

New Teacher Center

To support educator effectiveness by partnering with school districts to co-create thriving, inclusive cultures, where all students succeed.

Open Up Resources

To create and distribute excellent, top-rated curricula that is freely available to districts.

Student Achievement Partners

To improve student achievement through adherence to K-12 academic standards.


To help teachers provide grade-level instruction that is engaging, affirming and meaningful.


To ensure all children love learning math through a curriculum model that engages students of all backgrounds.

Affirming School Environments

228 Accelerator

To scale radical and transformative ideas in schools, organizations and communities.

5 Strong Scholarship Foundation

To support HBCU students during their time in college through graduation.

Aspen Institute

To disseminate innovative and effective practices for creating culturally relevant education.

Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)

To ensure state-level policies support the adoption of high-quality instructional materials and aligned professional learning.

Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC)

To help leaders of color bring quality education to students of color.

KIPP Foundation

To design and expand effective practices for creating culturally relevant education.

Surge Institute

To educate and develop leaders of color who create transformative change for young people, their families and our broader communities.

Village of Wisdom

To develop tools and resources that help parents, teachers and students create ideal learning environments for Black and brown learners.

Policy and Public Understanding


To increase quality media coverage of education equity.

Energy Convertors

To amplify youth voices demanding high-quality education.

Latinos for Education

To increase the pipeline of Latino teachers through policy, advocacy and leadership development efforts.

Stand for Children Leadership Center

To support advocacy and policy implementation for equitable education.

Teach Plus

To elevate the voices of teachers and classroom experts in education policymaking.

The Oakland REACH

To support advocacy and policy implementation for equitable education.