REALITY has established Core Values and a Code of Conduct to help create safe, respectful, welcoming spaces for our diverse and growing community. These values and Code of Conduct guide our community in all we do and apply to all REALITY activities. We share these values and Code of Conduct openly and encourage you to review them in full as you consider and/or continue your participation in the REALITY Community.

This Code of Conduct is established in order to promote safety and respect in all of our activities. By participating in any of the covered activities, you are subject to this Code of Conduct, and you acknowledge and agree to comply with its terms and conditions.


  1. REALITY Israel Journeys
  2. Immersive REALITY experiences that are organized by the REALITY/Schusterman professional team (for example, and without limitation: reunions, trainings, deep dives, Shabbat programming, meet-ups, etc.)
  3. REALITY hub events and programming
  4. REALITY partner trips and programming that is organized by a REALITY partner and is specifically branded REALITY or co-branded with a partner
  5. REALITY-sponsored events that are hosted by REALITY alumni
  6. Any event organized with the support of a REALITY Tablemakers or a Grassroots Initiative Micro Grant
  7. All digital spaces that are organized by or for the primary use of REALITY alumni, whether organized by REALITY or by alumni (for example, and without limitation: Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Slack channels, etc.)

Although this Code of Conduct does not apply to events, trips, experiences and digital spaces that are organized by individuals without a specific organizational or sponsorship connection to REALITY, community members are encouraged to apply the principles and practices in this Code of Conduct to experiences that specifically encourage REALITY alumni to attend.


Take specific actions that violate the law, such as …

  1. Undertake, plan or advocate activity that is illegal or causes personal injury or property damage.
  2. Post or distribute any material that infringes or violates any right of a third party or any law.
  3. Impersonate any person or entity, or falsely misrepresent your affiliation with them.
  4. Cause another person to consume any drug, alcohol or other substance without their knowledge.

Take specific actions that create an unsafe, harassing or discriminatory environment for other participants and attendees of the Activities, such as …

  1. Engage in any sexual contact without expressed affirmative consent (only “yes” means yes).
  2. Defame, abuse, harass, harm or threaten others or make any discriminatory, bigoted, hateful, or racially or sexually offensive statements.
  3. Engage in harassment, including but not limited to:
    • Offensive, belittling or hurtful comments regarding age, race, ethnicity, ability, religion, national origin, physical appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.
    • Intimidation, stalking or following.
    • Harassing photography or recording or displays of sexual images in public spaces.
    • Sustained disruption of talks or other events.
    • Unwelcome physical contact or sexual attention.
    • Threats of physical harm.
    • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior.

Take specific actions (or fail to take actions) that impact your participation in the Activities and the REALITY community, such as …

  1. Deviate from planned group programming and itinerary.
  2. Not follow proper Activity application/registration requirements or make false statements therein.
  3. Not follow any Activity requirements, procedures, policies, regulations or instructions.
  4. Engage in the excessive use of alcohol or other mind/body altering substances.
  5. Allow any unauthorized person to gain access to our Activities.
  6. Use information about our community members for any reason, except as a part of our Activity.
  7. Make false accusations or statements regarding violation(s) of this Code of Conduct.


It is of utmost importance that everyone feels comfortable within our community and when participating in our Activities. Anyone who experiences or witnesses harmful acts or harassment against community members, participants or event attendees should report the incident immediately.  While we recognize that reporting an incident may be upsetting, challenging or uncomfortable, we encourage you to report it with the knowledge that you will not be asked to return to an environment that you feel is unsafe and/or unwelcome and that we will not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone who in good faith reports or provides information about behavior that may violate this Code of Conduct. We will endeavor to provide as much confidentiality as possible given the circumstances.

During a journey, partner trip or any event/meet-up organized, sponsored or hosted by REALITY, you can report incident(s) with the following steps:

  1. Approach a REALITY staff member or REALITY facilitator in-person and let them know you have experienced or witnessed harassment. We routinely brief our staff and facilitators on anti-harassment protocols and procedures.
  2. The REALITY staff member or REALITY facilitator will address the incident immediately and appropriately. Another staff member may be asked to be involved to ensure your report is managed properly. Should your report require additional security, local law enforcement, local support services or other services to ensure your safety and wellbeing, one or more of these services will be provided, depending on the case.
  3. If you do not feel that the incident is not being adequately addressed, you should report the matter by email to [email protected].

At any time, you can report an incident by taking the following steps:

  1. Email [email protected]
  2. Please provide as much detail as possible, including who were the individuals involved, when and where the incident occurred and any other additional information that will help us understand and address the incident.
  3. The Incident Intake Officer will respond to your submission, complete the report with you and confirm all case information before any action is taken. In cases of emergency, action will be taken immediately. 

CONSEQUENCES FOR VIOLATING THIS CODE OF CONDUCT: If we determine that this Code of Conduct has been violated, we may:

  1. Direct the offender to cease the behavior and warn that further violations will result in sanctions;
  2. Require the offender to avoid any interaction with and physical proximity to the complainant;
  3. Require the offender to immediately leave the Activity and not return (no refund if a paid Activity);
  4. Permanently or temporarily ban the offender from some or all of our Activities, including our communication platforms; and/or
  5. Remove the offender from our community.

REALITY staff will inform the offender of what action, if any, will be taken. As appropriate, REALITY staff will also inform the reporting person (and other involved persons, to the extent appropriate) of the resolution and record the outcome.

Violation of this Code of Conduct by any community member will not be tolerated. Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately. If a REALITY Community member engages in unacceptable behavior, the staff and/or facilitators may take any action deemed appropriate, up to and including a temporary ban or permanent expulsion from the REALITY Community.

This Code of Conduct is a general guideline of our expectations of all persons involved in our Activities.  Nothing in this Code of Conduct prohibits us from establishing additional rules or expectations or imposing other sanctions or consequences as we feel appropriate under the circumstances. If you have any questions about our Code of Conduct, please contact us at [email protected].