We invite you to get to know our current cohort of Schusterman Fellows

These 29 individuals form a diverse group of leaders—they have varied backgrounds and experiences, they come from across the U.S., Europe, Israel, South Africa and Australia, and they work inside and outside of the Jewish sector. They also all have one thing in common. These are individuals who see Jewish organizational leadership as an important way to create transformational change in the world. Discover their stories below!

Adam Naftalin-Kelman

Cultivating Jewish students to create a vibrant and dynamic Jewish future

Executive Director
Berkeley Hillel
North America
Carli Gribov

Building the leadership pipeline to give all kids an excellent education

Managing Director, Recruitment
Teach for America
North America
Simone Szalmuk-Singer

Cultivating empowered leadership to inspire Jewish communal continuity

Board Director
Australian Jewish Funders
Shaun Hoffman

Actualizing Global Jewish Responsibility, together

Director of Global Operations
JDC Entwine