Leading self, leading others, leading systems: At Schusterman Family Philanthropies, we believe effective leaders can transform organizations and lead movements for change on today’s most pressing issues.

We also believe that a Jewish community capable of thriving in the 21st century must be led by talented leaders who represent the full diversity of the Jewish people. That’s where the Schusterman Fellowship comes in.

The Fellowship is a highly selective leadership development program for exceptional leaders committed to driving change in their organizations, the Jewish world and beyond. Our goal is to support, cultivate and invest in professionals motivated and ready to lead toward a more equitable and just future.

The Fellowship’s innovative curriculum focuses on strengthening participant’s personal leadership capacity, as well as their ability to foster collaboration and drive sector-wide change. Each fellow participates in individualized and cohort-based learning; works closely with an executive coach to create a customized learning plan; receives a stipend to participate in leadership advancement opportunities; and creates and carries out a plan to address a pressing challenge in their organization or field.

Even as we continue to refine our approach, we are seeing positive returns on our investment. Our most recent formal evaluations of the program found:​

  • 90 percent of Fellows report greater confidence in their leadership as a result of the program.
  • 78 percent of Fellows report that the program highly contributed to positive change in their organizations.
  • 72 percent of Fellows saw a noted increase in job responsibilities.
  • 71 percent of Fellows say they have increased their level of influence in the Jewish sector.
  • 43 percent of professional Fellows have since advanced to Senior Executive positions.

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Our Approach

The Schusterman Fellowship is an 18-month program that takes Fellows on a personalized leadership development journey and enables them to work closely with a global cohort of peers and professional coaches.

Schusterman Fellows are committed to leading the charge for change in the Jewish sector and the broader world, empowering others and tackling complex challenges.

“The Fellowship pushed me to and beyond my limits in a good way. It created space for me to challenge myself in new ways."

Before they can expand and enhance the skills that will help them make an impact, they need to first look inward. The Schusterman Fellowship guides Fellows on a journey of self-awareness, self-understanding and self-development, built on the idea that, for the “outer leader” to be fully realized, the “inner leader” must first be cultivated. 

Through this process, Fellows are encouraged to recognize the influences and motivations that drive their actions and how these factors—beliefs, aspirations, fears and values—affect their abilities as leaders. They are provided with the tools, strategies and practices to ensure that their intentions and actions are aligned. This alignment forms the foundation of effective leaders and effective organizations.

The Fellowship features both individualized- and group-based learning, with a focus on translating that learning into action. The Fellowship enables Fellows to:

  • Strengthen critical leadership competencies and skills
  • Assume increased leadership responsibility
  • Make a greater impact on their sector through their work
  • Contribute to and gain from a robust network of high-caliber leaders pursuing organizational and societal change
  • Understand and express their unique Jewish leadership
  • Inspire others to take action to address complex challenges

“At the very first gathering, there were moments where I had profound experiences with the other participants. There were unanticipated, unexpected, deep, genuine experiences of growth and learning, of being challenged and supported, and that continued throughout the Fellowship."

We recognize that our Fellows’ learning continues long after the program ends. That’s why our valued alumni—our Senior Fellows—are given opportunities to continue their personal and professional growth by staying engaged with staff, each other and the Fellowship community. 

Our Program

The Fellowship is an intensive program designed for emerging leaders who are at a point—both personally and professionally—where they are willing and able to devote significant time and energy to the program. Each Fellow is responsible for fulfilling all commitments related to the Fellowship.

“It was so welcoming. It was about being members of this one team that is really invested in helping each other develop personally and professionally. We fostered meaningful relationships and collaboration in a way that is defining. I am proud to say I am a Fellow. That is a currency over time that is going to be valuable in many ways and will help me give back."

Over the course of the 18-month Fellowship, Fellows will undertake and gain access to:

  • A personalized 360-degree leadership assessment;
  • A Customized Leadership Development Plan—we provide significant funding to support the pursuit of leadership advancement through approved providers;
  • One-on-one executive and Jewish coaching;
  • Three three-day in-person gatherings, as well as a bi-annual gathering of Senior Fellows from previous cohorts;
  • A Change Inquiry assignment—Fellows spend the second half of the Fellowship directly applying what they have learned by designing a Change Inquiry to explore or address a big question or pressing problem facing the Jewish community;
  • Meaningful shared learning experiences with cohort members, as well as a robust, strategic network of past and present participants to support their growth during and after the program;
  • In-depth online learning—including trainings and webinars—on important leadership topics; and
  • Our Senior Fellows Network, through which Fellows enjoy bi-annual in-person gatherings, virtual gatherings and various funding opportunities, as well as ongoing interactions and relationships among its members around the world.

“The Fellowship has affected how I approach donors, how I am leading internally, my awareness of myself and how I am working with my staff and colleagues. With the skills and tools I gained around management, I feel empowered to say we are going to go further with this than we might have otherwise."

Schusterman Fellows are provided frequent opportunities to expand their skills, increase their leadership capacity and engage with a cohort of peers and experts. From one-on-one executive coaching to in-depth group discussions with peers from around the globe, Fellows of all learning styles have access to training and tools that contribute to their growth and development.

Our Fellows

The Schusterman Fellowship is designed for leaders positioned for C-suite or lay leadership roles at major Jewish and Israeli organizations within the next few years. We seek candidates with a history of strong leadership in their current role and proven potential to lead at a high level—as well as those at a point on their personal and professional trajectory where they wish to pursue progressively challenging roles and responsibilities.

Although age, years of professional experience and number of direct reports are not determinants of eligibility, the typical candidate has 8-12 years of experience and is responsible for overseeing departments, staff and/or programs within their organization or has substantial experience serving on the board of a Jewish organization.

Schusterman Fellows are selected through a nomination-based application process.