The Schusterman Fellowship is a holistic leadership development program for exceptional Jewish leaders committed to driving change in their organizations, the Jewish world and beyond. 

We believe effective leaders can transform organizations and lead movements for change on today’s most pressing issues. We also believe that effective leadership starts from within. That’s why the Schusterman Fellowship takes an “inside-out” approach to leadership development, one that helps Jewish professionals strengthen their capacity for resiliency and self-awareness. Since 2015, we’ve supported over 160 Fellows as they build and sustain Jewish nonprofits and Israeli civil society.  

For leaders to transform their communities and organizations, they must first transform themselves. 

Our 18-month Schusterman Fellowship offers Jewish leaders the opportunity to cultivate their unique and authentic leadership with a robust curriculum, a cohort of peers and the guidance of leadership development experts. After completing the initial program, our Fellows join the Senior Fellows experience, a lifelong community with ongoing support. From in-person and virtual gatherings to funding opportunities, we invest in our Fellows’ continued growth as they shape our systems for the long term. Learn more about our curriculum and approach

Annual program evaluations show us how the Schusterman Fellowship helps shape our Fellows’ ability to drive change in real-time. According to a 2021 survey: 

  • 96% of Fellows reported feeling that the Fellowship network is a resource for their sustainability and longevity as leaders. 
  • 57% of Fellows were approached about new professional opportunities in the past year. 
  • 65% were approached for new lay leadership positions. 

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"This is a rare, precious experience."
— Anat Silverstone

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"Through multiple prongs of engagement with Schusterman, I have radically expanded my mental model of what a leader is to include—I learned that no two leaders are alike and that it is my imperative to bring my full self to my pursuit of leadership and my work in the world."
— Mordy Walfish 

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"I have been in very few spaces that feel as supportive and generative and deep as the Fellowship."
— Rabbi Becky Silverstein

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"My Fellowship experience has allowed me to truly listen to my heart and to dive fully into pursuing my dreams for myself and for our society."
— Rebecca Bardach

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Meet Our Team

Our Fellowship team includes Schusterman staff, Executive Leadership coaches and Chevruta (Jewish learning partners).

Meet Our Team

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