We invite you to get to know our current cohort of Schusterman Fellows!

These 29 individuals form a diverse group of leaders—they have varied backgrounds and experiences, they come from across the U.S., Europe, Israel, South Africa and Australia, and they work inside and outside of the Jewish sector. They also all have one thing in common. These are individuals who see Jewish organizational leadership as an important way to create transformational change in the world. Discover their stories below!

Meet the Fellowship staff.

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2016 Schusterman Fellows

Narkis Alon
founder and ceo
Victoria Anesh
Rebecca Bardach
Director of Resource Development and Strategy
Joelle Berman
Program Director
Eliav Bock
Executive Director
Allan Bogan
North American Field Director
Phillip Brodsky
Executive Director
David Bryfman
Chief Innovation Officer
Yehudit Feinstein Mentesh
Regional Director IAC New York
Rachel Fish
Associate Director
Gina Flash
Founder and Executive Director
Mickey Gitzin
Executive Director
Tal Grunspan
Founder and executive director
Gideon Herscher
Director of International Partnerships
Elizabeth Heydemann
Rabbi, Founder
Aviva Jacobs
Vice President, Recruitment
Samantha Margolis
Director of the Leadership Institute, AIPAC
Ale Okret
Chief Global Officer
Netaly Ophir-Flint
Noah Rabinsky
Kathy Reich
Director of BUILD
Leeatt Rothschild
Daniel Septimus
Adam Smith
Executive Director
Bradley Solmsen
Brent Spodek
Brandon Srot
Mordy Walfish
VP for Programs
Heather Wolfson
Chief Program Officer

Meet the previous cohort below!

2015 Schusterman Fellows

Danielle Abraham
Tamas Buchler
Young Leadership Director - Europe
Ben Falik
North American Volunteering and Corporate Social Responsibility
Suzanne Feinspan
Independent Trainer, Facilitator and Consultant
Liz Fisher
Chief Operating Officer
Jordan Fruchtman
Chief Program Officer
Gil Galanos
Chief Executive Officer
Rebecca Guber
Ari Hart
Associate Rabbi, Director of Admissions
Barak Hermann
Lior Lapid
Executive Director
Adam Lurie
Diego Ornique
Regional Director for Europe
Hindy Poupko
Deputy Chief Planning Officer
Emma Roberts
MBA candidate at University of Washington
Shaked Rogovsky
Gary Samowitz
Dana Sender-Mulla
Israel Director
Neil Spears
Executive Director
Brachie Sprung
Director of the International Office of Jerusalem Partnerships
Joanna Ware
Boston Regional Director
Rebecca Youngerman
Jennifer Zwilling
Vice President for Strategy and Measurement