Young Jews From Across Latin America To Gather In Argentina To Address The Shrinking Of Their Communities



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LAZOS - Roots Building the Future
March 30-April 2, 2014, Argentina

Iguazu, Argentina, March 11, 2014 — Some 60 young professional Jews from cities and towns across Latin America will gather at a resort by the stunning Iguazu Falls, in Misiones, Argentina on March 30-April 2, 2014 for the inaugural gathering of “LAZOS - Roots Building the Future”. Those attending will address the problem of the shrinking of the Jewish communities they and their families have lived in for generations.

In recent years, Latin American Jewish communities have begun shrinking for a myriad of reasons including unstable economies, anti-Semitism, a lack of universities, and the lure of opportunities abroad. The community’s dwindling numbers has meant less communal activities, the closure of some local Jewish institutions, and a sense of vulnerability in the face of anti-Semitism. LAZOS is being launched to bring together members of these communities to brainstorm and strategize together how they can best strengthen their communities through the planning of new projects, activities and events that cater to the changing communal needs of Latin American Jews.

LAZOS is working to build a collaborative network among young professional participants between the ages of 20 and 40 who together who can continue to develop inventive ways to strengthen communal bonds and address the challenges their communities are facing.

The idea is that from this seed young Jews will start thinking of themselves as active participants and leaders in their communities to help Jewish life in Latin America thrive. LAZOS will help foster an environment where these emerging leaders can share perspectives, create projects together including joint ones between their various communities, and find innovative solutions to transform and strengthen their communities.

“Through LAZOS, we hope to foster a collaborative network of young adults for the purpose of creating and injecting more Jewish life in communities that really need the boost!” said Ariela Lijavetzky and Diego Goldman, the event organizers. “Our intention is to provide tools to carry out their projects and encourage participants to think that ‘nothing is impossible’, it is just a matter of trying.”

This first LAZOS event will feature workshops including “New Technologies and Social Media” by Victor Rottenstein, an Argentinian Head of SEO (search engine optimization) in many important companies and organizations, and “Publicity and Right Messages” led by Pipe Stein, a publicist who owns one of the biggest publicity company in Uruguay. There will be an inspirational event, a short but powerful talk in front of the beautiful Iguazu Falls (South America’s equivalent of Niagara Falls), led by Manuel Lozano, a young man who works on social programs all around Argentina, and author of the book, “I invite you to believe”. Participants will also review case studies to get ideas about what kind of projects might be the best fit for their communities. Conversations will be held about Latin American communities´ characteristics and the similarities and differences between them all. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to share their ideas and current work with each other.

LAZOS - Roots Building the Future was created as part of Schusterman Connection Points, an initiative launched by the Schusterman Philanthropic Network, a global enterprise that supports and creates innovative initiatives for the purpose of igniting the passion and unleashing the power in young people to create positive change in Jewish communities and beyond. LAZOS, which means “ties” in Spanish, is an entirely Spanish-speaking Connection Point, uniquely focused on Latin American Jewry and promoting and nurturing the needs of the smaller Jewish communities of Latin America.

"We have been involved in the Latin American Jewish community for nearly a decade and we are excited to see more and more young Jews in the region take an active role in strengthening their communities,” said Lynn Schusterman, chair of the Schusterman Philanthropic Network. “I believe young people hold the key to building a vibrant global Jewish future, and we must invest in their passion and potential to do so.”

About Schusterman Connection Points:
Schusterman Connection Points, an initiative launched by the Schusterman Philanthropic Network to put young Jewish leaders at the helm of creating a series of gatherings around the world. Designed as a new and meaningful way for young Jews to assemble with purpose, Connection Points are part of Schusterman’s broader investment in organizations and programs that empower young leaders to take an active role in shaping a vibrant Jewish future. For more information please visit: