Bringing Israeli Music Voices to the U.S.

Three musicians performing for Nvak
  • Team REALITY

February 20, 2019


Watch how Tamar Kaprelian (Music '17) and Gina Schulman (Music '17) brought their musical mission to Jerusalem. Nvak, a program they started in Armenia is now helping Jewish, Muslim and Christian Israelis bring their unique voices to the US!

Nvak is a non-profit looking to find, educate and inspire individuals in countries facing political, social and or economic unrest. Their mission is to connect young musicians with professionals in the field and find new ways to foster dialogue, collaboration, community and opportunities for these individuals. Nvak started in the summer of 2016 in Yerevan, Armenia and is looking to expand to other countries. In August of 2018, Nvak brought their work to Jerusalem for a 10 day popup. They worked with 20 young students from around the country, taught by Berklee College of Music faculty, and songwriter Big Taste from LA. 


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