Meet Lindsey Rosin (Storytellers '17)

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May 25, 2018


Whether it’s in some quotable advice from dad, a song on the radio, a moment of connection or the perfect sunset over L.A., Lindsey Rosin seems to find inspiration everywhere. Read about how this writer, director and producer found new inspiration on her journey and how she stays connected to the REALITY community a year after her experience.

Lindsey Rosin


  1. Describe what you do and how you are trying to make an impact. My main profession is as a storyteller and that’s how I’m making an impact in the world. I work in television and I’m currently writing a TV show for Freeform. In 2016, I published my first novel; a story about four teenage girls who make a pact to lose their virginity before they finish high school. I like writing about female friendship and finding out who you are and who you are going to be. I’ also the co-creator and director of Cruel Intentions, The Musical, set to all your 90’s favorites! Additionally, I’ve always found it important to be involved with my community. In 2007, my husband and I were founding members of the Young Leadership Group of the Jewish Family Service in Los Angeles and we’re still very involved.
  2. Who inspires the work that you do? My parents have always been so supportive. I remember my dad told me when I was in high school that it’s important to claim the title of “writer” and I think some of my peers didn’t have that encouragement to confidently own their talent until they were much older. My dad has always offered some of the best and most quotable writing advice around.
  3. What was the most meaningful moment on your REALITY journey? After the raft-building exercise at the beach, a bunch of people jumped in the ocean to go for a swim and one member of our group decided to swim out to some rocks a bit further out in the water. He was going through a very transitional time in his life and earlier that day, he had really opened up to the group. When he made it out to the rocks, he was able to stand up on them. And once he stood up, everyone started cheering and then a bunch of us took off swimming after him and we all ended up on these rocks as the sun was setting. It was a really beautiful moment of connection.
  4. How did REALITY impact your personally? One thing that has stuck with me since the trip is the concept of zooming in and zooming out on a story. How you’re looking at a story and how close or far you may be from the story can impact the way that you process it. This is something that I think about when I’m working on a project and trying to figure out how far I’m going to zoom in or out. Even in interpersonal relationships, I’m always trying to determine how far in or out I am, and trying to understand where people are coming from. That has been a real shift for me in terms of how I understand the world.
  5. How have you shifted reality since your return? I’ve gotten involved with the LA Hub leadership and we’re just starting to get things off the ground. There’s a really wonderful alumni community out here and there is a lot of good programming.
  6. How have you stay connected to Israel since you returned from your REALITY journey? Since returning from my REALITY journey, I think I understand Israel in a much more critical and well-rounded sort of way. I’m now able to embrace everything that I love about Israel while also getting a full picture of what’s going on and understanding it in a more critical way.
  7. Since REALITY, how do you “do” Shabbat? I love Shabbat and it’s something that I’d really like to do every week. I was fortunate enough to host one particularly memorable Shabbat with One Table and Table Makers which was a big success; there were 120 of us gathered in a beautiful backyard. It was a very special and meaningful Shabbat. I also make it a point to just show up for Shabbat. My time in Israel reignited my understanding of the meaning and beauty of Shabbat. I also really like the unplugging aspect. Since the trip, Shabbat has been a nice reminder to find a minute to pause, rest, and celebrate.
  8. What do you want the REALITY community to know about you? I love the sunset. I’ve always felt that my spirituality appears to me in the sky and through music and so I make it a point to try to watch the sunset on most nights if I can. Watching the sunset is sort of like a meditation for me. If anyone in the REALITY community in LA wants to do a sunset trip, hit me up!
  9. What can the REALITY community contact you about? If anyone would like to contact me about professional things and writing and storytelling, sure! But if you’re interested in reflecting on and discussing how to present your honest self to the world, I’m always interested in talking to people about what we allow others to see and how we present ourselves to the world.