REALITY Alumni Community Handbook

REALITY Alumni Community Handbook
  • Team REALITY

May 30, 2018


From the beaches of Tel Aviv to the Old City walls of Jerusalem, you traveled to Israel and discovered new realities with us. You experienced new destinations. You tasted new flavors. You developed friendships. You engaged in complex conversations. You connected with Israel, yourself, each other and our community in new ways.

So what's next? As changemakers from around the globe on a transformative journey to repair the world, you are ready to bring this experience home in different ways. This book is your guide for the next chapter. It outlines how to connect, inspire and catalyze with REALITY. We walk you through the opportunities and challenge you to build on them to create your own REALITY.

We hope that Israel reignited your passion and potential for creating positive change. Being there with you certainly rekindled our connection. Let's see where it takes us next.

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