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The journey is just the beginning.

The REALITY experience goes far beyond the one-week journey to Israel. It is a lifelong community that offers opportunities for alumni to deepen their leadership, drive change through meaningful collaborations, engage with Israel and build lasting connections with peers across the globe.

Our 2,700 REALITY alumni are organizing, leading and participating in efforts to drive social change and build equitable and inclusive communities around the world. By tapping into the REALITY network, our alumni gain additional skills, partnerships and resources to support and amplify their impact.


Of REALITY alumni gain new leadership skills.


Of REALITY alumni implement new ideas in their work inspired by the REALITY experience.


Of REALITY alumni participate in efforts to drive racial equity.

3 in 5

REALITY alumni build meaningful collaborations within the REALITY community.

Community Offerings

Our participants continue connecting with one another through access to regular programming and offerings that emphasize learning, leadership and allyship.

Connection Points

We help REALITY alumni stay connected, build new relationships and forge collaborations through events with our regional hubs, cross-network programs, regular newsletters, WhatsApp groups, peer mentoring and affinity group gatherings and open-space programs. 

Global Travel Opportunities

We offer curated experiences to travel with a small cohort of REALITY alumni to places such as Ethiopia, India and Rwanda. Participants explore their shared commitment to global responsibility and justice and learn from Schusterman’s partner organizations making positive changes in these places.

Micro Grants

REALITY Micro Grants support alumni initiatives that provide direct relief to communities and people impacted by natural disasters, racism, inequity and more.

REALITY Leadership Institute

The REALITY Leadership Institute is a new program for 25 distinguished REALITY alumni seeking to amplify their personal leadership style. These leaders are committed to driving change for themselves and in their careers, networks and the REALITY community.

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