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REALITY Journeys

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One week in Israel.
A lifetime of impact.

For more than a decade, our weeklong journeys have brought leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and professional sectors to Israel. Participants include award-winning journalists and storytellers, renowned artists and creators, civic and nonprofit leaders at the forefront of social justice initiatives, business leaders, tech trailblazers, and executives and performers in the music industry.  

Each journey is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of Israeli society and build knowledge, skills and connections that they can apply to the work they are leading in their own communities. 


Influential leaders participating in 9 REALITY journeys each year.


Of participants say they are likely to recommend a friend or colleague to REALITY.


Of REALITY participants return from their journey with an increased motivation to repair the world.


Of participants return home from a journey reporting a closer connection to Israel. 

What Makes a REALITY Journey?

Influential participants

REALITY brings together leaders from diverse communities and backgrounds who work in a range of industries and who share a commitment to leading positive social change.

Travel across Israel

Participants travel all across Israel, visiting significant sites and meeting with the diverse people and communities that are shaping Israel today and leading efforts to build a shared society.

Deep learning

Participants engage in thoughtful peer-led discussions as they go beyond headlines and sound bites to explore the region’s many interwoven stories, successes and challenges, and learn from the varied perspectives of its people.

Expert staff

Our team of highly trained tour guides and program curators strive to ensure that our memorable journeys runs safely and are packed with meaningful content and filled with opportunities to get to know Israel like never before.

Custom itinerary

Through an intensive, thoughtfully tailored itinerary, participants engage with Israel’s nuanced storied history, diverse society and rich cultural landscape as well as the complex political, social and economic realities that shape this unique country.

Leadership development

Our program curriculum is designed to support, cultivate and invest in people who are leading initiatives to create societal change and to provide tools that deepen their ability to lead on complex issues.

Our Journeys

Journeys Storytellers

REALITY Storytellers

May 5-12, 2024

For acclaimed authors, journalists, filmmakers, producers, publicists, writers, podcasters and other creative leaders.

Man looking into distance with binoculars


June 2-9, 2024

For leading entrepreneurs, investors, technologists and executives shaping the future through technological innovation.

Journeys Impact


June 23–30, 2024

For inspiring champions of social good—including impact investors, education leaders and nonprofit executives.

Journeys Music


July 21–28, 2024

or prominent performers, songwriters, producers, executives, and media and content creators in the music industry.

Journey Creatives

REALITY Creatives

August 4–11, 2024

For renowned creative directors, designers, producers, writers and other creative professionals.

REALITY Innovators

REALITY Innovators

September 1–8, 2024

For trailblazing scientists, technologists, innovators, entrepreneurs and problem-solvers committed to addressing global challenges through STEM solutions.

REALITY Policy Shifters

September 15–22, 2024

For influential leaders of organizations advancing democracy and civic engagement —including social entrepreneurs, policy advocates, political directors, organizers, activists and other catalysts of policy change.

Quote from Nic Stone (Creatives ‘22)

There’s this camaraderie that has formed that gave us the space to really affirm each other and support each other—and I think stepping outside of your comfort zone in that way is one of the greatest and easiest ways that you can change your own life.
New York Times bestselling author of Dear Martin and Odd One Out

Travel Information

Whether you are considering applying or are already accepted and ready to go, we have helpful details on how to register, up-to-date health and safety regulations, and other important information about what to expect before, during and after our journeys.

REALITY travel information

Applying to REALITY

While our application process is primarily by referral, we are always interested in learning more about incredible people who share our commitment to changing the world. Complete our interest form to receive periodic updates from us. If there is an opportunity that seems aligned with your interests, a member of our team will be in touch to learn more about you.

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