REALITY Shift: Coexistence Campaign


The REALITY community has launched a matching campaign to help support Palestinian-Israeli coexistence and peace-building initiatives whose funding is threatened due to recent policy changes in the United States.

All REALITY journeys meet with coexistence organizations during their time in Israel. One organization that many have had the opportunity to connect with is MEET (Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow), a nonprofit based in Jerusalem and Nazareth that brings together Palestinian and Israeli high school students to tackle issues facing their communities.

MEET could lose as much as $300,000 out of its annual operating budget and will have to consider scaling back its efforts. To help mitigate these losses and support MEET's efforts to ensure a new generation of Palestinians and Israelis have an infrastructure from which peace can one day grow, REALITY has launched an Indiegogo campaign that invites alumni to support MEET's coexistence efforts and to encourage people in their networks give as well. REALITY will match donations dollar for dollar.

To get started:

  • Visit the Indiegogo campaign page and donate NOW! We would like to raise as much as we can by October 5.
  • Share with your networks, as broadly as possible. We will match the donations of any one who contributes.

This digital toolkit contains language and graphics to help you spread the word and engage friends, families and colleagues in this important effort.

Campaign Description

Do you believe peaceful coexistence is possible? Do you want to help shift the future for Palestinians and Israelis? Us too! Recent changes in US policy threaten the future of Palestinian-Israeli coexistence initiatives. Let’s help ensure these organizations continue their critical work. MEET is an inspiring organization that brings together young Palestinians and Israelis. Give your support today so MEET’s work is not impacted by funding cuts. REALITY will match your donations dollar for dollar.

Campaign Story

MEET’s mission is simple: bring Palestinian and Israeli high school students together to learn, innovate and create social and political change.

This work is more important than ever given current political, social and economic conditions on the ground.

Today, the strongest source of progress rests with young Palestinians and Israelis who reject hate and who are passionate about building a brighter future for their individual and collective communities. Yet, just when local organizations should be scaling up their efforts to engage more of these young people, they are facing a significant potential roadblock.

Due to recent shifts in U.S. policy, funding for Palestinian-Israeli coexistence and peace-building initiatives, like MEET, are facing significant budget cuts. Depending on how the United States implements these new policies, MEET could lose up to $300,000 out of its annual operating budget.

Will you MEET us halfway?

Many REALITY journey-goers have met with the students engaged through the MEET program. Students who are challenging the status quo. Students who are building their own potential as leaders and laying the groundwork for peace and understanding in the years to come. Check out their stories below.

If you give your support today to help MEET make up its budget shortfall, REALITY will match your donations dollar for dollar. We have set an ambitious goal of raising at least $50,000 in the next few days. Again, every dollar raised will be matched by REALITY so with your help, we can meet and exceed our goal to provide over $100,000 to help shift the current reality of MEET and its Palestinian and Israeli teen participants.

Here is your gift supports:

  • $50 - Provides the gift of Palestinian and Israeli teens bonding over pizza
  • $100 - Transports students in need to attend bi-national coding classes
  • $250 - Sponsors an evening social activity like bowling or the annual MEET talent show
  • $500 - Provides a bi-national startup team with seed funding (shirts, web domain, software license)
  • $1,000 - Gives a computer to a bi-national team
  • $2,500 - Sends a MEET student to the fully immersive three-week Summer Program
  • $6,000 - Provides a young female entrepreneur with a full scholarship for one year
  • $12,000 - Funds a Palestinian-Israeli pair’s participation for one year
  • $25,000 - Sends five MIT instructors to teach at MEET over the summer

About MEET

MEET (Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow) brings together young Israelis and Palestinians to create tangible, immediate and positive change in the region. As part of MEET’s programs, local high school students gather in Jerusalem and Nazareth to strengthen their skills in technology, entrepreneurship and leadership, and bring to life innovative coexistence initiatives. As alumni, they continue to form important bonds and together lead movements for peace. Where the world sees division and paralysis, these young leaders see the opportunity for progress. 

Sample language for REALITY Alumni

Hi ___,

In ___, I traveled to Israel as part of a REALITY journey. I had the opportunity to explore Israel with individuals of diverse backgrounds, nationalities and beliefs.

During the journey, I also had the chance to get to know MEET (Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow), an organization that educates and empowers young Palestinian and Israeli entrepreneurs to create positive social and political change in the region. The high school students who participate are truly inspiring—they devote time and energy to studying computer science, entrepreneurship and leadership so that they might make a tangible difference in their communities.

Unfortunately, funding for this amazing program has been significantly threatened. I just contributed to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign run by the REALITY program to help MEET continue their important work. REALITY is matching all donations. Please join me in donating by October 5!

Learn more and give what you can:

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Do you envision a better future for Palestinians and Israelis? Do you believe that peaceful coexistence is possible? Me too! Consider supporting MEET (Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow), an organization that helps Palestinian and Israeli high school students to make a tangible difference in the region. MEET has already helped over 400 Palestinian and Israeli teens to build their skills in computer science, entrepreneurship and leadership. Due to shifts in U.S. policy, they are facing severe budget cuts. The REALITY Community will meet all donations dollar for dollar. We are trying to raise $50,000 in the next few days. Give what you can and spread the word by October 5! Learn more:


MEET’s mission is simple: bring Palestinian and Israeli high school students together to learn, innovate and create social and political change. This work is more important than ever given current political, social and economic conditions on the ground. Join me and donate here: 

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Watch the video and learn more about MEET's impact.