If you’ve ever wondered how Israel attained its “Startup Nation” title, REALITY Tech is your chance to find out. This trip is an energizing leadership development journey ideal for entrepreneurs, influencers and visionaries in the tech space.

This experience-–grounded in Jewish values-–enables you to unplug from daily life and tap into a nation that is on the leading edge of innovation. The program is designed to spark inspiration and expand your knowledge about this complex country.

You will visit Israel’s most sacred sites, diving deeply into the historical, social and political forces that have shaped its thriving tech industry. You will have the chance to meet leading Israeli tech professionals and gain insight into Israel’s hi-tech scene.

Each day will challenge you to think more deeply about your roles as leaders and help you uncover new ways to tackle some of today’s most pressing challenges. Our hope is that you return home with a meaningful connection to Israel and the motivation to discover “the next big thing” that will create sustainable change in the world.

More details coming this November!