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ROIers: Who Are They?

ROI Community members (ROIers) are purpose-driven Jewish changemakers who are working together with their communities to shape the story of their generation through innovation, activism and collaboration.

ROIers are active in fields as diverse as media, education, arts and culture, politics, international development and high-tech. They represent both professional and volunteer activism, and work both within and outside of the Jewish community.

All share a drive to address the complex challenges faced by the Jewish people, Israel and the world.


Diverse activists and leaders in ROI Community


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ROI members working toward social change in Jewish spaces

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Of ROIers collaborate with fellow ROIers to support a social change goal

Quote from Heather Wilk

ROI Community means a friendly group of allies, regardless of your industry. You can throw out a question at 2 a.m. on a Wednesday night online and wake up to a dozen responses from our amazing Community in the morning. That is the power of incredible individuals working towards their dreams. We support, we encourage, we get involved.
Director of Development, Red Entertainment

Meet Our Members

ROI Community members are creating change across the globe.

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Lena Bakman Profile Image

Lena Bakman

Executive Communications and Coordination, Ronald S. Lauder Foundation

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Dalia Fleming Profile Image

Dalia Fleming

Schusterman Fellow and ROI Community member, Executive Director, KeshetUK

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Ester Bisawer Profile Image

Ester Bisawer

Knowledge Management Senior Coordinator, Israeli Ministry of Justice

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Principles That Drive Us

We strive to build a community that models inclusion, kindness and humility—one that fosters a healthy environment for the genuine and respectful exchange of knowledge, ideas and opinions. While we require that all ROIers abide by the Schusterman Code of Conduct, we also have a set of principles that articulate the ideals we expect to frame our member-to-member, member-to-organization and member-to-world interactions and relationships.

View the Schusterman Code of Conduct

Inclusion and Respect

We believe in acting in the spirit of inclusion in its fullest sense, and we demonstrate respect for all opinions and people. Respect and respectful discourse, even in the face of disagreement, are core values of ours.

Connect and Create

We believe that the potential to effect significant positive change is greatly increased when our efforts are combined. We believe in collaboration for the benefit of the individuals in our network, the Jewish community and the broader world.

Eyes and Ears

We do not turn a blind eye to anyone—inside or outside the Community—being treated disrespectfully. Bullying and harassment are not tolerated, and we do not ignore when someone is being mistreated. Only by calling out and standing up to wrongdoing can we hope to stop it.

Reciprocity and Exchange

We are a community in the fullest sense, and we, the Community members, feel both the privilege and the responsibility of belonging to it. We therefore seek out opportunities to both gain from and contribute to our fellow ROIers.

Openness and Innovation

Openness to ideas is the key to innovation. As a result, "closed-mindedness" is not part of our vocabulary. By being open to the world and engaging with fresh ideas, we are better able to be effective agents of positive change.

Ambassadorship and Personal Example

As ROI members, we are global representatives of the ROI Community brand. Whether at official ROI Community activities or elsewhere, we always assume that we are being looked to as examples of behavior and leadership.

Partnership and Contribution

Our commitment to reciprocity inspires our member-to-member relationships and our member-to-organization relationship. We pursue our goals with a spirit of partnership, championing each other's efforts to support our own growth, alongside contributions from the network.


Joining ROI Community

Joining ROI Community

Our expectation is that ROIers are eager to be part of a community of reciprocity—one in which members both gain from and actively contribute to the network.

ROI Summit

The ROI Summit

Jewish leaders become ROI members by attending the ROI Summit, which takes place in Jerusalem.

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