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What is the ROI Summit?

The ROI Summit is our signature gathering in Jerusalem that brings together global Jewish leaders with track records of impact to share knowledge, collaborate, be inspired and bolster their toolboxes for change.

The Summit is more than a conference: it is the gateway to ROI Community. At the conclusion of the Summit, participants become members of the year-round ROI Community network.

Our 2023 Summit will be for existing ROI Community members, and will take place in Israel during the first week of December 2023. 

The next "traditional" ROI Summit—where we welcome new members into our network—will take place in 2024.

ROI members and organizational partners will be able to recommend candidates to the 2024 Summit approximately 5-6 months ahead of that gathering.


Global changemakers with a track record of social impact.


Days of learning, networking and
collaborating in Jerusalem.


Summits held since the first ROI Summit in 2006.


ROIers creating or delivering content.

About the gathering

At the ROI Summit, while we invite a small number of keynote speakers and outside facilitators to lead select sessions, the majority of our methodologies position the participants themselves as both speakers and spectators, presenters and consultants, knowledge seekers and experts.

The participant-led nature of the Summit design models the behavior we hope to see embodied by our members at the gathering and beyond: ROI is a community of reciprocity, and we expect incoming changemakers to be eager to both gain from and actively contribute to their ROI peers.

Apart from a nominal fee, travel expenses and program costs are covered for participants.

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2022 ROI Summit in 90 seconds.

Applying to the Summit

Application to the ROI Summit is by recommendation only. Five to six months ahead of the gathering, ROIers and network affiliates are offered the opportunity to recommend one outstanding candidate to apply to the Summit and join the year-round network. The ROI Summit application is not available to those without a recommendation.

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Discover ROI Community

About ROI

We strive to build a community that models inclusion, kindness and humility—one that fosters a healthy environment for the genuine and respectful exchange of knowledge, ideas and opinions.

ROI Beyond the Summit

Beyond the Summit

Once accepted to the ROI Summit, ROIers gain access to exclusive resources and opportunities, including programs, events, micro funding and more. In return, we expect our members to be active contributors to our community of reciprocity

Joining ROI Community

Application to the ROI Summit is by recommendation. Five to six months ahead of the Summit, existing ROI members and organizational partners are each offered the opportunity to recommend one candidate to apply to take part in the gathering and join the Community.

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