International Women's Day 2019


Today and every day, we celebrate women around the world, and the individuals who are dedicated to their empowerment. We asked a sampling of ROI Community members who are making a positive impact for women to tell us a bit about their efforts towards equity. Meet these awesome activists below! #InternationalWomensDay #ROIcom

Talia Bender Small

President, The Female Quotient

How are you working towards gender equity? "We’re advancing equality in the workplace at The Female Quotient through the power of collaboration. In partnership with Fortune 500 companies, we host FQ Lounges at conferences, companies and college campuses around the world as a home of equality for women (and men) to activate change together. We have also created metrics for leaders and companies to rewrite the rules and build cultures where everyone feels like they belong."

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Keren Greenblatt

Co-Founder & CEO of Gala, an online CSR and Giving Platform

How are you working towards gender equity? "I am a social entrepreneur, lawyer and lecturer. I co-founded Layla Tov, a social venture fighting sexual assault and harassment in Israel's nightlife, and worked as Executive Director of 'Shutafot' Coalition of Feminist Organizations for Economic Equality. In the last three years I've been consulting the Israel Ministry of Health, which will soon publish new guidelines we've been working on to prevent and address sexual harassment in medical care, both towards patients and healthcare professionals. I lead sexual harassment prevention training in workplaces in Israel and the US, and consult companies and communities on drafting codes of conduct and inclusiveness."

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Shauna Ruda

Chair of the Board, New Women New Yorkers, and Master of Social Work Candidate at Columbia University with a focus on International Welfare, Immigrants, and Refugees

How are you working towards gender equity? "Women, in general, are hired less than men in the workforce. For immigrant women, this issue is exacerbated by factors like degrees not being recognized, lack of social network, and perceived language barriers. And, immigrant women are far more prone to abuse in the workplace as they navigate these challenges. They feel desperate for the jobs and do not know their rights according to US law. New Women New Yorkers provides job training skills, confidence building opportunities, and a strong community of professional women to propel them forward as they build their lives in New York."

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To all those in our network who are moving the needle on issues key to women's rights, empowerment, safety and more – thank you for the important work that you do!