To create a dynamic Jewish future, we need a global Jewish ecosystem supported by a strong organizational infrastructure helmed by exceptional professionals and lay leaders. That is why we created the Schusterman Fellowship—a highly selective program offering best-in-class leadership development.

Fellows have the opportunity to work directly with professional coaches, dedicated staff and each other and to apply their learning in real-time in order to grow their capacity to lead the Jewish community.


About the Schusterman Fellowship

The Schusterman Fellowship is a leadership development program for individuals who are committed to growing their capacity to exercise leadership in the Jewish community.

The Fellowship engages highly motivated candidates who see Jewish organizational leadership as an important way to create transformational change in the world. Fellows deeply explore themselves and their leadership and are active players in a collaborative learning community, both contributing and receiving challenge and support.

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We invite you to get to know our current cohort of Schusterman Fellows!

These 29 individuals form a diverse group of leaders—they have varied backgrounds and experiences, they come from across the U.S., Europe, Israel, South Africa and Australia, and they work inside and outside of the Jewish sector. They also all have one thing in common. These are individuals who see Jewish organizational leadership as an important way to create transformational change in the world. Discover their stories below!

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To lead a vibrant, talented cohort of Fellows through customized personal development journeys, the Schusterman Fellowship relies on a dedicated team of professionals, including five master-certified executive coaches and key staff members from the Schusterman Foundation. Get to know them below!

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Leadership is key to creating a dynamic Jewish future.

A core part of our work is inspiring, engaging and empowering young Jews to take an active role in shaping a vibrant, inclusive Jewish future, deeply connected to Israel and committed to making the world a better place.

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Schusterman Fellowship: News and Updates

Work as a Form of Service: An interview with Adam Lurie

Adam Lurie is that envy-inducing example of someone who wholly loves his work. There are no boring moments, no drudgery—it’s invigorating. It’s meaningful. Look no further than the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling upholding the injunction against President Trump’s proposed travel ban for proof. On behalf of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), on whose board he sits, Lurie argued for the ruling in front of the court earlier this year; its critical decision came just before Memorial Day.

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Shabbat as a Safe Haven: A reflection from the Weekend of Hope, Healing and Service

I left dinner feeling both courage and hope in my heart, uplifted by a sense of community and cohesion and affirmed as a Jewish woman in the world trying to find a way to fight for justice amid the chaos. After proudly marching at the Women’s March that Saturday, I volunteered on Sunday at a nursing home with a small (but mighty) group of other volunteers, all of whom were also at the Shabbat dinner on Friday.

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Meet the Schusterman Fellows: Shaked Rogovsky

Leadership is a commitment to be loyal to my heritage and the history of the Jewish people. As an officer of the IDF, I am committed to protect its citizens, develop this beautiful country and stay true to its values. It is a personal commitment to find ways to continuously engage Jews abroad, who often have this extra spark when they visit Israel. Their curiosity and desire to experience it from the eyes of a Sabra encourages me to remain connected. Leadership is about personal connections that can make real impact and change in the Jewish world.

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