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Our Commitment to Equity

How does the Schusterman Fellowship embrace equity?

Schusterman Family Philanthropies works in the United States and Israel to achieve more just and inclusive societies. To drive this work, equity serves as one of our five core values of, emphasizing our belief that all people deserve access to the resources and opportunities they need to participate, prosper and thrive on their own terms.

The Schusterman Fellowship lives out this value of equity by fostering leadership that reflects the full diversity of global Jewish Kehillot (communities) and building a multiethnic, multiracial, multigender pipeline of executives.

Equity in Practice

Representative Leadership

We foster leadership that reflects the full diversity of global Jewish Kehillot (communities) by building a multiethnic, multiracial, multigender pipeline of executives.

Active Skill-Building

We envision a future in which leaders value and create a sense of belonging for all people in their organizations and communities, particularly those who have been historically marginalized in Jewish settings and their broader societies. We provide support and customized skill-building to leaders who share our commitment to equity, rooted in the belief that these leaders will drive systemic change that contributes to building more just and inclusive organizations, communities and societies.

Culture of Belonging

Our commitment to equity extends to all facets of diversity, focusing on racial and gender equity, given Schusterman’s funding in these areas in the U.S. The Fellowship strives to create a community where all Fellows belong, are valued and can thrive as whole, complex human beings.

Ongoing Learning

Equity is both an outcome we seek to advance and how we approach our work. Since 2017, the Schusterman Fellowship team has engaged in ongoing learning to help us deepen our understanding of how inequities exist in our program and the cultural contexts in which our Fellows lead.

Evaluation and Improvement

We embed our commitment to equity in all aspects of the Fellowship by prioritizing the experience of those affected by inequity and continuously improving our curriculum, processes and practices. We assess our progress through program evaluations and ongoing conversations with Fellows, and we continue this work through relentless learning, curiosity and humility about what we have left to do to fully live up to this commitment.

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