Statement on the Current Situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

May 12, 2021

  • Israel

We are deeply saddened by and concerned about the escalation of violence in Israel and the Palestinian Territories over the past few days.

We are thinking of our team members and their families, our grantees and network members, and all Israelis and Palestinians who desire to live in peace. We mourn for the innocent lives lost, for those who have been injured and for those who are trying to keep their families safe right now. Even as we pray for peace, we support Israel’s right to defend itself against the barrage of rockets being intentionally fired by both Hamas and Islamic Jihad at Israel’s main population centers.

Issues in the Middle East, including Israel, are always multi-faceted and complicated. This week’s situations involve some unrelated issues that unfortunately are happening at the same time and feeding each other. We encourage people to take the time to learn and understand the historical and political context for these complicated issues and not allow misinformation and oversimplified narratives to exacerbate an already difficult situation. 

Continued violence and rocket attacks only push us further from our goal of a time when Israelis and Palestinians are able to live securely and in peace as neighbors. It is our deepest hope that calm and safety prevail.