Statement on the United States Presidential Election Outcome

November 9, 2020

  • Democracy and Voting Rights

Following the final outcome of the United States Presidential election, we must uphold the safety and integrity of the electoral process and begin the peaceful transfer of power that is central to our democracy. The outcome is a historic win for President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, and we are proud that Kamala Harris will become the first woman, the first Black person and the first person of South Asian descent to become Vice President. We are also excited to see a record number of women elected to Congress.

Even as the outcome of the election looks clear, there are continued efforts to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the vote counting process. We hope the legal challenges will be resolved soon and the election results certified in each state so that the transition process that should be starting immediately can begin. There is much more work that needs to be done to ensure that all eligible voters are able to cast their ballots, that protecting the right to vote is a nonpartisan effort and that all Americans understand the voting and vote counting process so that confidence in our democratic processes can be restored.

We know that there are different perspectives and points of view on the issues and challenges America is facing. We believe deeply in robust debate and dialogue as central to a healthy, vibrant democracy. However, that difference of opinion must be firmly rooted in a fundamental respect for the dignity and rights of all people in our country. Our commitment to equity, especially for those who have been historically marginalized, animates our work and how we live out our values. We will continue our work to expand opportunity for all Americans and to consider how we can hold all elected officials, local and federal, accountable for doing the same.