The Year in Blog Posts: 10 Expert Insights from 2019


This was quite the year! From conferences to convenings, reports to reflections, our partners and staff members were busy learning on-the-ground and gathering key insights to share. We admire the many dedicated experts with whom we work and hope that their thoughtful lessons, shared on our blog all year-long, have supported you and your work. In this spirit, we are closing out 2019 by giving a few of our favorite insights another curtain call.

We look forward to continuing these and many more important conversations in the year ahead!

1. Values Matter. Policies Help. Here’s Why We Implemented a Code of Conduct.
By the Executive Leadership at the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Help minimize the likelihood of inappropriate and harmful behavior.

By Abby Saloma, Senior Director of Leadership and Talent at the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Consider going the extra mile for those who hear “no." 

3. 3 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with Grantee Partners
By Mary Ann Weiss, Program Officer at the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Keep honest and open lines of communication.

4. How to Design Impactful Gatherings: An Expert’s Advice
By Elissa Krycer, Senior Program Manager for ROI Community, a Schusterman initiative

Resist the urge to open with logistics.

5. Creating Open and Inclusive Spaces for People Living with Mental Illness
By Jory Hanselman, Founding Director of BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy

Talk about the resources you and your partners have to offer. 
By Lisa Eisen, Co-President of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
Take the time to get to know grantees and cultivate trusting relationships.

By Liz Fisher, CEO of Amplifier and a Senior Schusterman Fellow

Provide donors with a sense of community.

8. What’s Missing from School Reform—And How to Change It
Inspired by contributions to Education Week by Heather Harding, Director of Policy and Public Understanding at the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

The teaching profession matters more than ever. 

9. Stop, Look and Learn: Tips for Conducting Project Debriefs
By Team Schusterman

The more we look back, the sharper our vision will be in the future.

10. Use Those Buzzwords: Making Data More Approachable
By Rella Kaplowitz, Senior Program Manager for Evaluation and Learning at the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Help your coworkers feel comfortable with common data terms.

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