People Who Usually Don’t Lecture Event Training for ROIers is back!

What is "People Who Usually Don't Lecture" (PWUDL)? This is an event that gathers people who live in (or near) the same city for an experience that fosters curiosity, empathy and new interactions.

PWUDL provides a platform for “unconventional” speakers. While most speaker-based events feature accomplished individuals who describe mind-blowing successes or groundbreaking research, PWUDL speakers are people who walk the same streets as their audiences; they come to share personal stories that expand the spectrum of perspectives we hear in the public sphere and within our communities. PWUDL promotes listening to break down prejudices, connect people and encourage stronger and more inclusive communities.

PWUDL is one of ZE.ZE’s leading projects. ZE.ZE is an organization that creates social impact through a growing community of young people who care. The projects are all designed using business models. ZE.ZE was co-founded by ROIer Narkis Gaya Alon and is directed by Einat Leitersdorf.

What is this training and coaching program?

It is the fifth consecutive year that the event is taking place in Tel Aviv and the second year that ZE.ZE is partnering with ROI Community to expand the initiative to other locations around the world, to help build and strengthen those communities.

Do you share a passion for bringing people together, reducing stereotypes and building bridges? Are you eager to strengthen your Jewish community? If so, then read on, find a partner and apply to participate in this program, which provides the training, coaching, and funding that will enable you to bring PWUDL to your home!

This program includes:

  • Participating in an intensive three-day training in Tel Aviv where you will gain key skills relating to organization, dynamics and event-planning, and form strong connections to a group of fellow ROIers who are creating change in their communities!
  • Creating and rolling out a strategy for hosting a PWUDL event;
  • Receiving guidance, support and funding; and
  • Staging a large-scale event in 2019 to build YOUR community! Invite people to meet each other, learn from one another, and be inspired to action – together!

Who are we looking for? Organizers that have a passion for community! Think you’ve got what it takes? Read eligibility criteria and FAQs here.

Ineligible host cities: Applicants cannot apply to host an event in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, as PWUDL is already scheduled to take place there in 2019. In addition, the following cities may be ineligible to host: Ashkelon, Pardes Hana/Jaser-A-Zarka, New-York, San Francisco and Buenos Aires, so contact [email protected] to find out before you apply from any of these five locations.

Training dates: The training seminar in Tel Aviv will run for three full days, from November 13-15, 2018.

Cost: Participation in this program is just $200 US for participants traveling to Israel for the training, and $150 US for those who are in Israel. Significant travel subsidies are available upon request for those traveling from abroad to Israel for the training. In addition, this participation fee covers accommodation, programming and food during the training as well as the coaching post-training. Please note that ROI Micro Grants cannot be used to further subsidize travel or this already discounted participation fee.

Apply Now!

Application deadline: Complete this application form by 11:59 PM EST, August 11, to be considered for this immersive program!

Application review: Space for this program is limited. Each application will be reviewed and you will receive a status update by the beginning of September, 2018.

Logistics: Tailored programming, lodging and meals will all be organized by ZE.ZE. Applicants who are accepted to this program will need to make their travel arrangements through a travel agent designated by ZE.ZE in order to receive a travel subsidy. Participants must arrange their own travel insurance.