After two successful cohorts in Israel, the ROI Mentorship Program is launching in North America!

In the ROI Mentorship Program, ROIers are the mentors and the mentees. An ROI mentee is looking to undergo a short-term, goal-oriented process; an ROI mentor leads their peer through that process. ROI mentors receive professional training and guidance from the ROI Mentorship Program developer and a team of experts. 
This program is run by ROIer Karin Dimant-Rogovsky who has worked with CEOs and organizations, offering communications and strategic consulting. Karin has been leading and developing this ROI program since its commencement in 2017.
Some facts and stats about the ROI Mentorship Program thus far:
  • This is the third round of this program, the first two both took place in Israel
  • 73 ROI members have participated in the program
  • 35 ROIers received professional training as mentors
  • A handful of participants from the first round went on to take a role in the second round, returning as mentors and/or contributing content 
  • More than 70% of participants reported that their relationship continued beyond the formal duration of the program
One mentee shared that her mentor “was outstanding, and the process made a big difference in my life and in the life of my organization… I loved the low-touch approach.” 
Application deadline: Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 5pm EST
Application Details
  • Program Dates: February 7-May 17, 2019 (3 ½ months)
  • Application Responses: You will receive an email by January 14, 2019 notifying you of your application status, after which accepted applicants will need to fill out a short registration form. 
  • Participation Fee: There is a nominal fee of $60 for all participants (both mentors and mentees). Please note that ROI Micro Grants cannot be used to cover this cost.
  • Eligibility: Is the program right for you?
    • Do you currently have the time to be a mentor or a mentee?
    • Are you looking to develop and grow both your own abilities and those others?
    • Do you want to strengthen your professional skillset?

If you answered "YES" to all of the above, review the specific eligibility criteria for mentors and mentees below. Please note the number of places is limited.

Mentor Eligibility
Apply to be an ROI mentor if:
  • You have the ability to facilitate processes and communicate effectively
  • You desire to lead a fellow Community member through a process of change
  • You have notable professional achievements
  • You believe you are able to create a nurturing learning environment
  • You are able to commit to the program and to your mentee: attend hour-long meetings with your mentee; attend five group tutorials with professionals from the field; provide intermittent updates via a short form and communications with Karin (see more under Program Highlights)
  • You have a positive attitude
Mentee Eligibility
Apply to be an ROI mentee if:
  • You have identified a professional challenge you are determined to focus on for this timeframe
  • You are highly motivated and looking to succeed
  • You are able to commit to the program, to your mentor and to yourself: mentees will attend one online orientation session at the start of the program, by Karin Dimant-Rogovsky; attend hour-long meetings with your mentor; and, provide intermittent updates via a short form and communications with Karin 
  • You have a positive attitude 
Program Highlights
  • Get matched with a mentor/mentee based on the mentor’s professional background and a specific need/goal defined by the mentee
  • 8-10 meetings between mentors and mentees (in person or via video, depending on geographic proximity)
  • Mentors will undergo professional training (five 75 minute tutorials via video conference) in a group setting conducive to sharing knowledge and supporting one another to guide mentees towards success. Sessions will be facilitated by experienced professionals, Rae Ringel and Kylie Eisman-Lifschitz, and our very own Karin Dimant-Rogovsky:
    • The following sessions will all be held at 1:00pm ET/ 10:00am PT (dates for all sessions will be available shortly, revisit this space!):
      • Welcome to the Mentorship Program (Thursday, February 7)
      • Listen and Ask: Beginning the Process (Thursday, February 21)
      • Challenges and Problem Solving (Monday, March 11)
      • Feedforward: Tools for Meaningful Mentoring (Monday, April 1)
      • Closing (Monday, April 29) 
    • Content will cover the mentoring process, including, how to set expectations, how to conduct a mentoring conversation, how to overcome challenges
  • Mentees will participate in a one-hour webinar orientation on the parameters of this program, expectations and process requirements
  • Mentors and mentees will receive resource booklets and have access to support from Karin