Strengthening Israel in the Zionist vision of a secure Jewish homeland, a thriving democracy and an inclusive society that cares for its most vulnerable.

Since the earliest days of our organization, we have devoted substantial resources to strengthening and supporting Israel. Our vision of Israel is one that recognizes the dignity and equity of all its citizens and that values the many ways in which people in Israel and around the world express their Jewishness.

In 2006, we established Schusterman Family Philanthropies – Israel to engage directly in efforts to help Israel remain a Jewish and democratic state and meet the demands of its growing and increasingly diverse society.

We have targeted our investments in several key areas that have expanded over the years.

We have long invested in promoting Jerusalem as a city of pluralism and openness for all its residents. We work with our partners to advance a vibrant cultural landscape as a means to restoring Jerusalem as a modern, open capital and providing a gateway for greater connection with Israel.

In the area of child safety, we have been working with a range of partners, led by the Haruv Institute, to establish Israel as an international leader in developing new knowledge and methodologies to minimize and treat child abuse and neglect. Learn more about our work in child safety.

We are also investing in innovative education initiatives and in ways to advance social cohesion in Israeli society and ensure all of Israel’s citizens can live full, meaningful lives in the Jewish state. We do this through promoting religious pluralism and providing support for the LGBTQ community, the former Haredi population and aging Holocaust survivors. Learn more about our work in inclusivity.

We are proud to help our partners play an active role in shaping Israel’s future and ensuring people around the world understand and engage with Israel. Learn how we help people build connections to Israel

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