Our commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Tulsa and Jerusalem is rooted in our deep affection and respect for the citizens of our hometowns.

While the rest of our philanthropic portfolio is national and international in scope, our work in these two local communities is aimed at strengthening their social, cultural and economic fabric for future generations.

We target our grants in four core areas in which we believe we can work with local partners to make the biggest difference:

Ultimately we hope to contribute to making each of these communities a compelling place for young people to live and work, providing them with opportunities for advancement and to take an active role in forging a more compassionate, dynamic future for their hometowns.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Every child deserves a safe, supportive upbringing in which they can pursue the skills and knowledge they need to lead self-sufficient lives and contribute positively to the community.

Far too often in our hometown of Tulsa, OK, these rights go unmet. Oklahoma ranks among the highest in the U.S. for instances of child abuse and neglect, and the public schools consistently fall below the national average in education indicators.

To combat these troubling statistics, we are making targeted investments to enhance child advocacy, education and youth development, with the hope of providing Tulsa’s youth with high-quality academic, personal and professional opportunities.

In the area of child advocacy, we work to foster a system-wide response that addresses all aspects of the cycle of abuse and neglect and responds to the needs of at-risk children. Learn more about our work in Child Advocacy.

We are helping to reform Tulsa’s public education system and to provide leadership development opportunities for teens that will enhance their academic achievement and embrace a lifelong commitment to community service. Learn more about our work in Education.

We are proud to support our partners who are working to fill gaps in Tulsa’s social services safety net and help the people of our hometown lead healthy, self-sufficient lives.

Jerusalem, Israel

Since the earliest days of our foundation, we have devoted substantial resources to supporting Israel both at home and abroad.

In 2006, we established the Schusterman Foundation-Israel (SFI) to engage directly in efforts to help Israel meet the demands of its growing and increasingly diverse society. We have focused on Jerusalem, in particular, which faces significant challenges, as young people leave the city in record numbers, taking with them a more open and progressive agenda.

We have targeted our investments in two primary areas: child advocacy and arts and culture.

In the area of child advocacy, we have been working with a range of partners to establish Israel as an international leader in developing new knowledge and methodologies to confront child abuse and neglect and to build an integrated system of residential and emergency treatment centers for children and families. Learn more about our work in Child Advocacy.

Our work in arts and culture is centered on our firm belief that a vibrant cultural landscape can play a key role in restoring Jerusalem as a modern, open capital and providing a gateway for greater connection with Israel. Learn more about our work in Arts and Culture.

Over the years, our support has evolved from responding to crises to strategic interventions aimed at strengthening Israel. We are proud to help our partners play an active role in shaping its future.