Every child deserves a safe, supportive upbringing in which they can pursue the skills and knowledge they need to lead self-sufficient lives and contribute positively to the community.

Far too often in our hometown of Tulsa, OK, these rights go unmet. Oklahoma ranks among the highest in the U.S. for instances of child abuse and neglect, and the public schools consistently fall below the national average in education indicators.

To combat these troubling statistics, we are making targeted investments to enhance child advocacy, education and youth development, with the hope of providing Tulsa’s youth with high-quality academic, personal and professional opportunities.

In the area of child advocacy, we work to foster a system-wide response that addresses all aspects of the cycle of abuse and neglect and responds to the needs of at-risk children. Learn more about our work in Child Advocacy.

We are helping to reform Tulsa’s public education system and to provide leadership development opportunities for teens that will enhance their academic achievement and embrace a lifelong commitment to community service. Learn more about our work in Education.

Ultimately we hope to contribute to ensuring Tulsa is a compelling place for young people to live and work, providing them with opportunities for advancement and to shape the future of their community. We are proud to support our partners who are working to fill gaps in Tulsa’s social services safety net and help the people of our hometown lead healthy, self-sufficient lives.

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