A Retreat about Retreats


Diana Glogower is a Colombian lawyer who loves her religion. She stumbled upon Retreatology almost casually and a thousand ideas started flowing about how this would be a great project for Bogota. 

Yes, you read correctly. I just spent the most amazing weekend in a Jewish retreat that taught me about making retreats, surrounded by more than 40 people that gathered in the Connors Center, a beautiful house in Dover, MA.

I applied for a Go Network! Micro Grant to be part of Retreatology, The Art of Jewish Retreat-Making. Thanks to this grant I was able to get from Bogota to Boston and participate in this wonderful event.

For 3 intensive days, surrounded by the most heterogeneous participants, we learned what made Jewish retreats so special and important to the continuous growth of our tradition. Even though most of the participants lived in the USA, I found some Argentinians along the way, Russians, Germans, and even people living in China! Many of them were part of Moishe House, but many others were somehow part of the ever-growing Schusterman network.

I met some amazing people and got reunited with others I hadn’t seen in quite a while. And personally, I have to thank the people who took the time to listen to me and who gave me advice on my questions. With what I learned from my peers and from the facilitators, I will be able to form a Pilot Plan that, with the help of programs like Moishe House Without Walls, can come true in Bogota.

The premise was simple. Come with an idea for your retreat and we’ll make it happen. And even though time was scarce, we had a moment for everything. People who went with a retreat partner, took time to sit and plan what they wanted of their future retreat; those of us who went alone had time to gather our ideas to create the perfect retreat. But perhaps the most brilliant idea was to divide the group into ‘mishpachot’ (families); each mishpacha had about 4 people who had shared interests and backgrounds but that had never met before (most of the time). This allowed us to present our ideas in a more personal and private environment, with people that could give objective advice.

Like always, I’d like to thank the Schusterman Foundation and ROI for making this possible, who with Moishe House made this an incredible experience for us. Also, the facilitators, who in their various roles created the perfect environment for us to develop and create our own perfect retreat.