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What are Grassroots Events grants intended to fund?

These grants were designed to help ROIers implement new programs in their local communities. This funding opportunity provides support for innovative models of programming, “proof of concept” events, and offerings that are new to your local community.

Who is eligible to apply?

ROI Community members are eligible to apply for Grassroots Events grants.

How many such grants can I receive in a calendar year?

ROI members and alumni of Schusterman immersive programs (until November 30th, 2017) are eligible to receive up to a total of three Grassroots Events grants per calendar year.

Can I apply for multiple grants at the same time?

No. With the exception of ROI Micro Grants, if you currently have an approved and open grant, you will need to wait until the current grant is closed before receiving approval for a new grant application. This applies to: Grassroots Events grants, crowdfunding matching grants and grants for communities that are part of the Community Incubator.

How much funding is typically awarded for a Grassroots Event?

Depending on the size and nature of the event, Grassroots Events funding typically ranges from $1,000-$5,000.

What are some examples of Grassroots Events?

  • Mimouna LA: LA’s largest post-Passover block party, attended by young Jewish professionals from all over the city – a celebration of community and culture from a North African Mizrahi perspective.
  • #CookJewishBeJewish: A three-day gathering in Vilnius, Lithuania, where young adults experienced their connection to Judaism by cooking traditional Jewish food and learning about it.
  • People Who Don’t Usually Lecture: A gathering in Tel Aviv that gave the stage to those who don’t usually speak in public. More than two thousand attendees took part.

What must be included in Grassroots Events?

  • Jewish/Israeli content and other components that will strengthen your local Jewish community and beyond.
  • Content of substance that relates to and aligns with Schusterman values.
  • Innovation and creativity! Your event/program must be meaningful and unique and go above and beyond what’s already being done on that topic and/or in your region.

How will a Grassroots Events grant application be evaluated?

Applications will be evaluated according to the following four parameters:

  • Innovation and relevance: target audience is engaged through content that in some way goes beyond what is currently being offered locally;
  • Values alignment: Schusterman Family Philanthropies values of Tikkun Olam, Israel, Jewish Engagement and/or Inclusion are promoted;
  • Conceptualization: event concept is well articulated and has a strategy for implementation; and
  • Community engagement: the target audience includes young Jewish adults.

How far in advance must I apply and when will I know whether my application has been approved?

Applications must be submitted at least six weeks in advance of the proposed event. Applications will be reviewed within 10 business days of submission. Following review, a member of the Grassroots Events team will be in touch with you via email.

Please note: Applications that are submitted less than six weeks prior to the event date will not be considered for funding

Are grant approvals "all or nothing"?

No. Some grants are approved for a partial amount of the original grant request.

When will I receive the funds I've been awarded?

Grassroots Events grants are given as reimbursements: grant recipients cover all costs and then submit receipts for reimbursement.

You may request up to 60% of your approved budget at the "interim report" stage, which is at least 15 days prior to the start date of your event. Interim reimbursements may be made on the basis of signed contracts/invoices/receipts, which you will be asked to include in the interim report.

Final payment will be made upon submission and approval of your final report, on the basis of paid invoices/receipts only.

In what currency are Grassroots Events grants awarded?

All dollar amounts are in US Dollars.

If one of my applications is unsuccessful, can I still apply for another Grassroots Events grant in the future?

Sure! An unsuccessful application does not preclude you from applying again and will not count against you.

If other people incurred expenses for my event, can you reimburse them directly?

No. We are unable to distribute funds to multiple people. Only the grant recipient will receive reimbursement. (If other people incurred expenses for your event, you may include their receipts as part of your report and reconcile with them after you have received the payment.)

What will Grassroots Events grants NOT cover?

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some examples of what ROI Grassroots Events grants will not cover:

  • Any program or opportunity already subsidized by Schusterman or for which you already received a Schusterman/ROI grant of any kind. (Note: Schusterman grantee organizations are not eligible for Grassroots Events grants.)
  • Repeat events for which you have received Grassroots funding in the past. (Note: Repeat events that are expanded or significantly different in content or scope may be considered for funding)
  • Travel costs
  • Salaries
  • Purchase of hardware, software or other equipment
  • Ongoing business-related expenses (e.g., renting office space, long-term equipment rental, ongoing subscription fees for software, web hosting, etc.)
  • Services that you are rendering to yourself, your organization or others (for example, grants cannot be used to pay for your own time spent planning an event)
  • Services provided by a spouse, partner or close family member
  • Events not directly related to Jewish/Israel content or social change goals
  • Reunions, team retreats or any other events exclusively open to members, alumni or constituents of a specific organization or program (except for events by ROIers, for ROIers!)
  • Legal work (for example, legal advice, litigation, etc.)

In addition, no aspect of the opportunity may involve an attempt to influence legislation, the outcome of any specific public election, or support of any voter registration drive.