Statement Gender and Reproductive Equity June 29, 2020

Statement on Preserving Reproductive Justice

by: Team Schusterman

The Schusterman Family Foundation celebrates the United States Supreme Court ruling today that rejects the state of Louisiana’s attempt to limit abortion rights and reproductive justice. We believe that all women, inclusive of race, gender identity, zip code and income level, should have equal rights and access to opportunities that enable them to live healthy, productive lives. This includes the freedom to have autonomy over their bodies and to access a full range of safe reproductive healthcare services.

The core issue in the June Medical Services v. Russo case relates to targeted restrictions on abortion providers or “TRAP” laws. These laws make it very difficult for reproductive healthcare clinics to operate by imposing severe and medically unnecessary requirements on abortions. We are pleased to see the Supreme Court invalidate this backhanded way of attacking abortion rights, much as they did in the Texas case in 2016. While we hope this ruling sends a clear message to all states that TRAP laws are unconstitutional, it does leave the door open for other efforts to restrict access to essential reproductive health care, and we must continue to oppose such efforts.

The fight for reproductive justice, to ensure it becomes a constitutionally enshrined right for ALL cisgender women, trans women and people who are non-binary, will continue. We are proud of our partners within our Gender and Reproductive Equity portfolio who are on the frontlines of this critical work every single day. Together we are working to preserve reproductive rights and to scale innovative solutions so every person in every state can access safe, timely reproductive health care.