Statement Schusterman May 29, 2020

Statement on Recent Acts of Racism in the U.S.

by: Team Schusterman

This is a painful time in our country. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought enormous suffering and exacerbated societal inequities we have long known existed. 

The past month has also been a stark and painful reminder of the urgent need to address racism in this country and continue the work of racial equity. We have seen Black Americans targeted in their homes, parks and other public spaces. We have seen unarmed Black Americans killed while armed protestors storm capitol buildings unscathed. 

We recognize that there is no neutral when it comes to racism, and those who benefit from the status quo must actively work against it. Structural racism and both explicit and implicit bias underpin so many societal issues—from access to a high quality education, to adequate healthcare, to the right to vote, to family-sustaining wage jobs and healthy working conditions, and clearly in the implementation of our criminal justice system. We need to examine all the ways systems have been built to protect power and privilege for some at the expense of others.

Our Foundation stands with the Black community and with communities of color. We are committed to working toward a more just and equitable society through learning and through action. We are investing in increasing equitable access to an excellent education, in reforming a biased criminal justice system, in providing access to healthcare and reproductive justice for women of color, in removing barriers to exercising the right to vote and in supporting Jews of Color in the Jewish community.

It is not enough, and we are committed to doing more. We know many of our partners and network members are active in working toward racial equity and hope many more people will join.