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Gathering people is a key ingredient in creating meaningful connections that spark impact. Since our founding in 2006, ROI has developed and implemented a variety of formulas to bring changemakers together with purpose.

From Toolbox skill-building sessions, to Community Case Studies, to Meet-Ups, we develop and source programs that strengthen the bonds of the ROI network, shore up ROIers' skills, and emphasize the wealth of knowledge and expertise our Community members can offer to one another.

See below for some of the ways ROIers can connect and create impact right now.

ROI members: Be sure to check the latest ROI Newsletter for local and peer-led opportunities that may not appear in the list below.

ROI Toolbox

A hands-on workshop facilitated by an ROIer or an external guest who shares specific expertise with ROI members.

ROI Delegations

Peer-led experiences that provide ROIers with the unique opportunity to explore sites that shape our identity. During these journeys ROIers learn about key figures and leaders, and undergo transformative group experiences that increase members’ potential for collaboration.

Immersive Courses

Programs designed to build members’ capacity to increase their influence as social change agents through the provision of quality training by leading professionals.

ROI Igniters

ROI Igniters are volunteers who organize activities for their local hubs. Check out the list of current Igniters here.