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Are you looking to engage your peers in a unique event or program? Does your event focus on Jewish life, Tikkun Olam/social change or Israel? If so, consider applying for Grassroots Events funding!

The Basics

  • Grassroots Events funding is intended for local events that align with the Schusterman Family Philanthropies vision, core focus areas and values. Read more about these here.
  • These grants are intended to help implement new programs in your area, and should aim to engage young people in their 20s and 30s and activate your local Jewish community.
  • Grassroots Events applications that receive approval typically get funded for an amount ranging between $1,000-$5,000 (US).
  • Keep in mind that while you may apply for any number of Grassroots Events grants, you may only receive up to three such grants per year. Additionally, if you currently have a Grassroots Events grant or a Crowdfunding Matching grant open, you are not eligible to receive another Grassroots Events grant until the existing grant is closed.
  • Applications must be submitted at least six weeks before your proposed event's start date. You will hear back from us regarding your funding request within 10 business days of applying.
  • Thinking of applying for a Grassroots Events grant but haven't yet worked out all the details? We encourage you to fill in as many blanks as you can before applying— we are looking for a well-articulated concept and a strong implementation strategy.

The Process

  1. Apply. Apply for a Grassroots Events grant by logging in to the Community Platform  at least six weeks in advance of your proposed event. Application tip: Don't forget to hit "Submit," and look out for an email confirmation that your request has been received.
  2. Hear Back. Wait for the Grassroots Events team to contact you via email with application approval or follow-up questions.
  3. Check In. As you near the end of the planning stages, fill out and submit your interim report (this must be submitted at least 15 days before the event's start date). At this stage, you may request up to 60% of your approved funding. (How does this work? Check out the FAQs!)
  4. Run Your Event! The prep work is done! Now it's time to activate your community by transforming your plans into action.
  5. Report. Within 30 days of the conclusion of your event, submit your final report using the unique link that was emailed to you after your event. Report tip: You will be required to submit receipts/invoices as part of your report in order to receive your reimbursement— so don't lose those receipts!
  6. Payment. Final payments for Grassroots Events are awarded in the form of reimbursements. All reimbursements are made vial PayPal, except in countries where PayPal does not operate. Payment tip: If you do not have a PayPal account, please set one up! If you reside in a country not served by PayPal, please let us know and we will arrange an alternate payment method.

Questions? Visit our Grassroots Events FAQs. If you can't find the answer to your query online, contact the Grassroots Events team. 

Apply here.