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ROI Professional Development Grants


These grants help ROIers become more effective changemakers by strengthening their professional skills, expertise and leadership.

There are two types of Professional Development Grants:

  1. Individual Professional Development, such as participating in skill-building courses, conferences, training sessions, or coaching.
  2. Organizational Capacity and Infrastructure Building, such as receiving training or hiring experts to guide an ROIer's organization in strategic planning, market research, or building a new website.

ROIers can apply to receive up to two $1,000 Professional Development Grants per year.

What's New?

What's new about our Professional Development Grants?

  1. Priority will be given to applications from ROIers in their first five years of membership. More veteran ROIers will usually be granted up to one grant per year. 
  2. Professional Development Grants cannot be put towards what we formerly referred to as "Jewish Journey" opportunities. Requests that are not directly connected to individual professional development or organizational capacity building will not be approved. 
  3. The maximum number of Professional Development Grants an ROIer may receive per year is two. Even if the total amount granted falls below $2,000, ROI will not award an additional Professional Development Grant that year. 


Who is eligible to apply? ROI Community members who: 

  • Participated in the 2015 ROI Summit or later, and

  • Have completed the most recent ROI Member Survey*.

*Beginning in 2025: In addition to completion of the most recent Member Survey, eligibility will be contingent upon participation in at least two ROI events the previous year.


Here's how to apply:

  • Apply at least 10 business days before the opportunity. (Preview the application form questions here.)
  • Submit the Final Report, including receipts, within 30 days of your opportunity's conclusion. You will be asked to elaborate on the process you went through and how it advanced you professionally. ROI reserves the right to reject reports that do not demonstrate meaningful self-reflection and evaluation of the growth process undertaken.
  • Receive reimbursement after your report is approved.
  • Payment will be made via PayPal upon ROI's approval of the Final Report.