Laugh a Little Louder


What if comedy could be a powerful tool to make the world a better place? And not just from the endorphins – but through actual, targeted messaging and strategies? In 2014, a group of ROIers and soon-to-be-ROIers, led by TV professional, comedy writer and Community member Omri Marcus, launched the Comedy for Change initiative: a series of gatherings that have brought together prominent industry executives and talents to use comedy to improve the world. From the inaugural conference in Jerusalem in 2014, to a practical "How To" guide for the aspiring comedic change maker – there are so many ROIers who've collaborated to bring this project to fruition: Ido Rosenthal, Yael Rosen, Simon Winkler, Omer Zerahia, Ari Sprung, Jacob Shwirtz, Alon Gur Arye, Jamie Elman, Eli Batalion (Jamie and Eli have their own comedy web series, YidLife Crisis – give it a watch!)...our hats go off to you!

Photo credit: Comedy for Change

Hero photo credit: Comedy for Change