Empowered LGBTQ youth and young adults are our blueprint to a future where every person can live safely and freely with dignity and respect. 

On June 28, 1969, a group of young LGBTQ patrons–particularly young Black transgender women—led the Stonewall uprising, paving the way for the modern movement for LGBTQ rights. Today, LGBTQ youth and young adults still seek what these leaders called for at Stonewall: respect, equity, justice and belonging for all people.

LGBTQ youth and young adults are facing a wave of new and unprecedented challenges, including dozens of new anti-LGBTQ legislation in the United States and a lack of resources and support systems amid a global pandemic. As we celebrate Pride Month, we spoke with leaders whose work prioritizes the pressing needs of LGBTQ young people across the globe.

Below, we invite you to read interviews with four of our grantees on the forefront of this work across our Gender and Reproductive Equity, U.S Jewish, Israel, and Tulsa portfolios. They include: Advocates for Youth, KeshetYouth Services of Tulsa (YST) and Israel Gay Youth (IGY). While the individual missions of these organizations vary, each supports LGBTQ youth and young adults through innovative programming, groundbreaking partnerships and collaborations with young leaders who are ready to make a difference.

We hope these interviews deepen our shared understanding of the challenges facing LGBTQ youth and young adults today, showcase the voices of young leaders and activists and inspire new ways to engage with Pride and LGBTQ rights advocacy year-round. 

Advocates for Youth

For over 40 years, Advocates for Youth has been a leading advocate for adolescent sexual health, rights and justice. At the core of Advocates' work: deep, ongoing partnerships with young people nationwide.

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Keshet strengthens Jewish communities in North America by working toward the full equality of LGBTQ Jews and families in Jewish life. Their approach? Cultivating a new generation of Jewish LGBTQ leaders.

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Youth Services of Tulsa (YST)

YST serves thousands of young people in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here’s how YST provides safe spaces in a state with some of the most extensive anti-LGBTQ legislation across the U.S.

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Israel Gay Youth (IGY)

Although Israel is known as the Middle East capital for LGBTQ rights, being LGBTQ in Israel can be a challenge. That’s why IGY fosters supportive social communities for young people in every corner of Israeli society.

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