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Your Questions, Answered

Will there be an ROI Summit in 2023?

In 2023, we will hold a peak ROI Community gathering (tentatively called the Impact Summit) for existing ROI members only. The next "traditional" ROI Summit—where we welcome new members into our network—will take place in 2024.

When will ROIers be able to recommend new candidates to the Community?

We will welcome new members into the Community through the next ROI Summit, which will take place in 2024. Approximately 5-6 months before the Summit, we will launch an application process that invites existing ROIers and organizational partners to recommend candidates to participate in the gathering and join our year-round network. As in years past, application to the 2024 ROI Summit will be by recommendation (put another way: the application will not be available to those who have not been recommended by an ROIer or an organizational partner). 

Did you already tell a potential candidate that you would recommend them for the next Summit, thinking it was going to happen in 2023? We know it may be disappointing to them (and to you!) that they will have to wait a bit longer to apply, but rest assured that we are committed to holding a Summit in 2024, where we will welcome new members into our Community. Stay tuned for dates and details.  

Where and when will the Impact Summit be held?

Our plan is to hold the Impact Summit during the first week of December 2023, in Israel.

Will existing ROI members need to apply to attend the Impact Summit?

Yes. While we wish (!) we could gather all 1,750 of our Community members for one epic Summit of connecting, creating and impacting, for practical reasons, we will be limiting the Impact Summit to 100-150 participants. We will therefore require that interested ROIers apply to take part. 

What are the goals of the Impact Summit?

Though we are still in the process of developing this new gathering, we can already tell you that it will aim to achieve the following:

  • Connect Members. We believe in the power of gatherings to spark connections that ignite creativity and, ultimately, lead to impact. The Impact Summit will offer the space, modalities and arc to bring global members together for a shared, immersive experience that provides the ideal conditions for building meaningful connections and kickstarting—or deepening—relationships.
  • Create Solutions. Through peer-led and guest-led content, the Impact Summit will strengthen participants' skill sets and provide them with real-time opportunities to address challenges creatively. 
  • Impact Real Issues. Participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm and partner with organizations working on key issues in Israeli society and the global Jewish community. 

When will the application process for the Impact Summit begin?

We will launch applications for the Impact Summit in the summer of 2023.

Will there be opportunities for the broader Community to get involved in the Impact Summit?

Yes! The Impact Summit will look different than the traditional ROI Summit in many ways (a new season and some new facilitation modalities, to name a few), but some elements of the gathering will be familiar—including a Community-wide celebration, where we will invite any and all ROIers who are in Israel at the time of the conference to join us for a fun- and connection-filled evening. Will there be music? Probably. After all: There's no better way to bond as a community...than to dance as a community.

What will be the cost of participating in the Impact Summit? 

Impact Summit participants will be required to pay a nominal, non-refundable participation fee upon acceptance to the gathering to save their spot and express their commitment to attend. The remaining travel, accommodation, food and other costs associated with the gathering will be covered by ROI.

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