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Your Questions, Answered

Who can apply to ROI's 2023 Impact Summit?

The Impact Summit application is for existing ROI Community members.

ROI members who meet the Impact Summit eligibility criteria and have completed their 2022 ROI Member Survey by June 1, 2023 are eligible to apply. If you do not submit your Member Survey by this date, you will not be able to access the Impact Summit application.

Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your access to the Impact Summit application to be granted after submitting your 2022 Member Survey. We recommend not waiting until the last minute to avoid delays in your ability to apply to the Impact Summit. 

What are the goals of the Impact Summit?

  • Connect Members. We believe in the power of gatherings to spark connections that ignite creativity and, ultimately, lead to impact. The Impact Summit will offer the space, modalities and arc to bring global members together for a shared, immersive experience that provides the ideal conditions for building meaningful connections and kickstarting—or deepening—relationships.
  • Create Solutions. Through peer-led and guest-led content, the Impact Summit will strengthen participants' skill sets and provide them with real-time opportunities to address challenges creatively. 
  • Impact Real Issues. Participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm and partner with organizations working on key issues in Israeli society and the global Jewish community. 

I'm an ROI member. Should I apply?

We encourage you to take a look at the Impact Summit eligibility criteria to determine if you meet the requirements. Think you'd be a great fit for these five immersive days of hard work and serious processes of ideation? Apply! Just remember: Not every ROIer who applies will be accepted. (And remember, too, that not being accepted to the Impact Summit does not mean we do not value you as an ROI Community member.)

Can individuals from outside of ROI Community (non-ROI members) apply to the 2023 Impact Summit?

While there will be a limited number of external "partner" participants at the 2023 Impact Summit, partners will participate on an invitation-only basis. 

The next "traditional" ROI Summit—where we welcome new members into the Community via a referral and application process—will take place in 2024.

    Is there a recommendation/referral process for ROIers for the 2023 Impact Summit?

    There are no referrals/recommendations for ROIers who wish to apply to attend the Impact Summit. All ROIers who've completed the 2022 Member Survey by June 1, 2023 and meet the eligibility criteria are eligible to apply to the Impact Summit; you do not need to be recommended by someone else. If you would like to apply to the gathering, you can find the application link in your email inbox (check the email to which you are sent other ROI mailings).

    For how long will Impact Summit applications remain open?

    The 2023 Impact Summit application form will close on June 19 at 11:59pm EST, OR once we receive a total of 350 submissions—whichever comes first.

    In our effort to welcome a global spread of ROIers to the Impact Summit, we may be limiting the number of application submissions per region.

    Will ROI members be involved in the application review process?

    We will not be inviting Community members to be application readers for the 2023 Impact Summit. Since all applicants are ROI members, we did not feel this would be appropriate. 

    Where and when will the Impact Summit be held?

    December 3-7, 2023, in Israel.

      Will there be opportunities for the broader Community to get involved in the Impact Summit?

      Yes! The Impact Summit will look different than the traditional ROI Summit in many ways (a new season and some new facilitation modalities, to name a few), but some elements of the gathering will be familiar—including a Community-wide celebration, where we will invite any and all ROIers who are in Israel at the time of the conference to join us for a fun- and connection-filled evening. Will there be music? Probably. After all: There's no better way to bond as a community...than to dance as a community.

      What will be the cost of participating in the Impact Summit? 

      Impact Summit participants will be required to pay a nominal, non-refundable participation fee upon acceptance to the gathering to save their spot and express their commitment to attend. The remaining travel, accommodation, food and other costs associated with the gathering will be covered by ROI.