DC Public Schools Awards Nearly $1.7 Million to Schools in Empowering Males of Color Innovation Grants

January 27, 2016

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DC Public Schools Awards Nearly $1.7 Million to Schools in Empowering Males of Color Innovation Grants

Washington, DC (January 27, 2016) - Today, DC Public Schools (DCPS) awarded nearly $1.7 million dollars in innovation grants to 16 schools across the city as part of the Empowering Males of Colors (EMOC) initiative.

The Empowering Males of Color Innovation Grants will improve academic and social outcomes for young males of color by focusing on academic development, family engagement, and social-emotional supports.

“The schools receiving the Empowering Males of Color Innovation Grants have demonstrated a strong commitment to partnerships and innovative ideas that will help our young men of color excel,” said Eugene Pinkard, Jr., Deputy Chief of School Turnaround and Performance at DC Public Schools.

“I am thrilled that so many schools took this challenge to build innovative programs and supports for our young men of color,” said Kaya Henderson, Chancellor of DC Public Schools. “With these targeted programs, we will see more of them reach graduation and be prepared for college and beyond.”

The Empowering Males of Color Innovation Grants recipients are:

  • Columbia Heights Education Campus (CHEC) ($225,000) will create a multipronged initiative that includes expanded trauma-informed care services, gang and violence prevention sessions, mentoring, and a unified approach to bonding for males of color.
  • Eastern High School ($207,120) will create a multipronged initiative for boys in grades 11-12 that includes mentoring, book publishing with Reach, Inc., and domestic and international travel for service.
  • Patterson Elementary School ($202,130) will align academic programming in arts, culture, and technology to support numeracy and critical thinking for boys in grades 2-5.
  • Tyler Elementary School ($191,876) will introduce a STEAM-focused curriculum and afterschool academy, mentoring, and parent resources targeting fathers.
  • Drew Elementary School ($183,096) will create a multipronged initiative that includes mentorships, character education, social and emotional development, and increased family engagement.
  • Stanton Elementary School ($156,330) will create a Boys Institute of Stanton for boys in grades 3-5, focusing on academic enrichment and interventions.
  • Ballou High School ($150,000) will create gender-based 9th and 10th grade academies focused on academics, manhood development, mentoring, leadership, and college readiness.
  • Aiton Elementary School ($125,000) will develop a blended-learning academy for boys in grades 3-5, which will also include mentoring and experiential and service learning.
  • Bunker Hill Elementary School ($35,000), in partnership with George Washington’s Art Therapy Graduate Program, will introduce art therapy for boys who deal with trauma, loss, or emotional stress.
  • Empowering Males High School ($35,000) will provide single-gender and culturally relevant professional development for the staff of this new school, opening in School Year 2016-2017.
  • Truesdell Education Campus ($34,384) will create the Elite Scholars Program to bolster academic and social experiences for boys in grades PK3–8.
  • Ballou STAY High School ($32,741) will create a multipronged approach that will develop music and multimedia production for students, increase student engagement, and launch certificate programs in partnership with Roosevelt STAY High School.
  • Noyes Elementary School ($32,289) will create a robotics team for a cohort of boys in grades 3-5 with a tutoring and mentoring component through a collaboration with McKinley Technology High School.
  • Orr Elementary School ($29,400) will create the Pride of Southeast program for boys in grades 1-2 to develop strategies for conflict resolution and positive peer interactions, while also promoting pride in self, school, and others.
  • Van Ness Elementary School ($16,506) will implement Conscious Discipline to create positive school culture.
  • Deal Middle School ($13,800) will create a summer program focused on developing student leadership and academic skills.

The Empowering Males of Color initiative focuses on three key strategies: the EMOC Innovation grants, opening an all-male college preparatory high school, and mentoring through literacy.

“I am thrilled to have this opportunity to open the Boys Institute of Stanton, which will provide extra support and ensure our young boys stay on track and are prepared for middle school and beyond,” said Rena Johnson, principal of Stanton Elementary School.

The Empowering Males of Color Innovation Grants are funded by the DC Public Education Fund, thanks to generous support by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.

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