Quality teaching is paramount to student learning. Teachers deserve the kind of training that will support them in leading effective classrooms from day one.

Research shows that the top factor driving students’ learning in school is the skill of their teacher. It also shows that all students benefit from diversity, and particularly racial diversity, amongst teachers. And yet, teachers of color are drastically underrepresented in the American teaching force.

According to the Center for Black Educator Development, the number of Black teachers needs to grow by 280,000 to ensure a similar proportion of Black teachers to Black students. 

That is why building a skilled, diverse teacher workforce is at the center of what we do. We are deeply invested in recruiting and retaining more teachers and education leaders of color by providing them with the training and support they deserve.

We also believe that teaching, like many of our most skilled professions, requires practice-based preparation. We support efforts to help teachers both at the beginning of their careers and throughout their time in the classroom develop the knowledge, skills and mindsets to empower their students to meet college and career-ready standards. Core to this work is ensuring teachers feel equipped to help all students develop their identities and see themselves, their histories and their perspectives in what they are learning. Core to this work is ensuring teachers feel equipped to create classrooms in which all students feel accepted and valued, as well as to teach about the histories, contributions and struggles of diverse communities within American society.

Through this work, we aim to build an educator workforce that mirrors the diversity of the students they serve and is prepared to support their students in meeting grade-level standards.

Our Approach

Supporting Teacher Preparation and Professional Learning 

We support innovative models and programs for preparing and supporting teachers in developing their craft, including teacher residencies. We also fund organizations that provide teachers with ongoing professional development, including coaching, mentoring, leadership training and other collaborative learning opportunities.

Providing Technical Assistance for Schools of Education

We fund organizations that partner with university-based schools of education—where a large proportion of teachers today receive their preparation. These organizations seek to drive innovation in the way teacher preparation works. 

Diversifying the Educator Pipeline

We invest in efforts to recruit and retain more teachers and education leaders of color. As part of this work, we aim to reduce barriers to entry and ensure more students of color see teaching as a viable option for a thriving career in the education field.

Featured Grantees

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