The Network Incubator is open to those who have participated in an immersive Schusterman experience (ROI Community, REALITY and Connection Points) and who have already run a successful Grassroots Initiative. For those who have not yet spearheaded a Grassroots Initiative gathering, you can learn more about it and apply here.

Participation in the Incubator is by invitation only. Organizers of successful Grassroots Initiatives events, through which leaders emerge and network interest is apparent, are invited to apply for the Incubator.

When invited to apply to the Network Incubator, all network managers are asked to consider the following questions:

  • Does the network have the potential to thrive based on its relevance and potential leadership?
  • Does the network have a vision, viable goals and the potential to impact social change?
  • Does the network have the potential to engage many people?
  • Is the network focused on creating social change? How aligned is the program with Schusterman Family Philanthropies’ core values?
  • Does the network have a Jewish angle? (While not all participating networks need goals that relate overtly to Jewish themes, our commitment is to fostering an experience that helps young people strengthen their connection to Jewish values and the Jewish community.)

Are you part of a network grounded in Jewish values and committed to fostering positive social change? Are you eligible for and interested in hosting a Grassroots Initiative? 

Learn more and apply!