The Network Incubator strengthens networks of young people motivated to create positive social change.

Young adults today are members of multiple communities and networks that reflect their diverse interests and multi-faceted identities. With the precipitous rise in technology and social networks, these communities take place in person and online, offering young people new ways to interact with, connect and mobilize peers locally and globally.

We believe these networks have the potential to catalyze powerful relationships and shape movements that can help to address our most vexing social, civic and humanitarian issues.

So we asked ourselves: how can we tap into the power of peer-led networks that have the proven ability to coalesce around common goals, interests and experiences? How can we support the growth of networks that are grounded in Jewish values and committed to leveraging their members’ shared purpose to create positive impact?

Thus, the Network Incubator was born. It grew out of the Schusterman Connection Points program, a series of local and thematic peer-led gatherings designed to enable dynamic young leaders to shape their own Jewish experiences. These gatherings gave rise to self-organized networks , several of which we believe have significant potential for impact. The Network Incubator is designed to provide deeper investment for this potential to take root.

Much like the Connection Points themselves, networks fostered through the Incubator will touch on diverse themes and issues, such as education reform, inclusion of people living with disabilities, international development, contemporary Israeli art and much more. Learn more about the participating communities

Ultimately, we believe that investing in these peer-led networks is key to our broader efforts to empower the next generation of Jewish leaders to connect with their Jewish identities, act on their Jewish values and inspire others to join them in making a difference. Learn more about the Network Incubator.