Are you the right fit for People Who Usually Don’t Lecture event training 2018/19?

To submit an application, at least one person from the applicant pair must be a member of ROI Community and any non-member partner must meet ROI eligibility criteria. There is a strong preference that at least one partner be experienced in content-building and the other in production or logistical planning. Read on and apply for your chance to become one the lucky pairs to participate in the program!

If you're an ROIer accepted to this program, you will need to…

  • Work with a partner of your choice
  • Be responsible for the planning and implementation of your event
  • Attend an immersive training seminar in Tel Aviv, from November 13-15, 2018 (costs highly subsidized, including overseas travel and participation)
  • Learn how to build and stage the event
  • Work with your partner to create an event, from A to Z (while receiving training and guidance from ZE.ZE staff)
  • Apply for a Grassroots Initiative grant of up to $10,000 to fund your event (unless you do not require the financial support)

We have learned many things about what constitutes a great partnership, and the bottom line usually rests in how the team members complement each other. Specifically, we are looking for pairs who together embody the following:


  • Facilitation experience
  • Organized; can juggle and manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Strong networks
  • Detail-oriented
  • Production skills or experience in creating content
  • Relationship building and communication skills
  • People management, including managing contractors and/or vendors
  • Passion for building community
  • Ability to (each) devote time to this project
  • Availability to attend the three-day training in Tel Aviv, Israel, November 13-15, 2018
  • Somebody you work well with – a partner to create an awesome community-building event!


  • Gathering design experience
  • Marketing sense
  • Experience in gaining sponsorship for event production

When does my event need to take place? Between March and December, 2019

Do I need to raise my own money to pay for the gathering? Each team is able to submit a Grassroots Initiative application form to cover event costs of up to $10,000. In addition to this funding, event leaders will be encouraged to find local partners to co-sponsor the event.

Will ROI Community help me find a partner? While ROI Community is happy to recommend potential people with whom you may want to collaborate, it is ultimately your responsibility to find a partner who shares your passion, with whom you enjoy spending time and complements your skill-set.

Does my partner need to be an ROIer? No, only one of the pair needs to be an ROIer. However, a non-ROI partner must meet ROI's eligibility criteria.

Can I host a PWUDL event in any city around the world? No, you cannot apply to host an event in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. In addition, before you apply to host an event in one of the five following cities, you will need to receive written consent from ZE.ZE: Ashkelon, Pardes Hana/Jaser-A-Zarka, New York, San Francisco and Buenos Aires. Contact [email protected] to find out whether you can apply to host in one of these cities.

Make sure to apply by 11:59 PM EST on August 11, 2018! ​

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