To engage with Israel is to tap into the wellspring of Jewish heritage and history, as well as a modern, multi-ethnic, diverse democracy.

For Jews, Israel is more than a place on a map; it is core to Jewish identity. As both our ancestral homeland and a diverse modern nation, Israel plays a central role in the history and religion of the Jewish people. In addition, the country’s significance expands beyond just the Jewish community; Israel has made significant contributions to the world and, as the only democracy in the Middle East, is an essential ally and regional partner to the United States.

Today, Israel is a diverse society and a vibrant democracy that is shaping itself in real-time. Still, for its many nuances, Israel is increasingly defined in extremes, and young Jews struggle to connect with and learn about Israel without the weight of polarizing narratives.

We envision a time when every Jewish person can see themselves as part of Israel’s story, in all of its richness and complexities.

To help build understand of and connections to Israel, we invest in opportunities for young Jews to visit and experience Israel, exploring its history, land, people and culture—including the country’s thriving arts, business and technology sectors.

We have also invested in expanding Israel education in various K12 settings and at universities across the U.S. so that students, regardless of religion, have access to a broad suite of courses on modern Israel.

Yet, even as we advance a broader understanding of Israel, we still see the spread of anti-Israel activity and efforts to de-legitimize Israel, particularly at colleges and universities. The good news is that efforts to support Israel on campus today are more sophisticated and more creative than ever.

To continue this work, we must provide students with the tools to stand up for Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state, to challenge inaccurate narratives, and to support informed and productive dialogue. We also continue to invest broadly in efforts to combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and to advocate for a constructive, bi-partisan relationship between the U.S. and Israel.

Through this work, we hope to see a day when Israel is understood and appreciated as a Jewish state, thriving democracy and complex modern nation.

At Schusterman, we invest within Israel, helping to shape a secure homeland for the Jewish people, with a thriving democracy and an inclusive civil society. Learn more about our Israel portfolio.

Our Approach

We invest in organizations that provide immersive experiences to explore Israel firsthand. 

We work with a range of organizations to provide trips, service opportunities, gap year programs, study abroad programs and professional internships in Israel. 

We operate trips to Israel through our REALITY program for industry leaders worldwide.  

As part of our broader investments in Israel trips, we bring changemakers from around the globe on a transformative journey to explore Israeli culture, history and society.

We invest in organizations that provide people with accessible ways to learn about Israel.

We work with our partners to bring more Israeli professors to college campuses and support the growth of Israel Studies as an academic field. We also provide funding for K-12, university and informal educational programs that help people engage with Israeli art and culture, history and politics, technological innovations and more.

We support young people in engaging in nuanced and constructive dialogue about Israel.

We are building out our work to provide young people with forums, skills and opportunities to ask more questions, share multiple perspectives and engage in respectful dialogue about Israel’s richness and complexities.

We fund efforts that help high school and college students advocate for Israel.

We support the work of our partner organizations to mentor and train student leaders to stand up for Israel, fight efforts to de-legitimize Israel and advocate for strong U.S.-Israel relations.

Featured Grantees

Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC)

 ICC unites pro-Israel organizations on campus by coordinating strategies, providing educational resources, sharing research and increasing collaboration.

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The iCenter advances excellence in Israel education through professional development experiences for educators across the Jewish community with training, tools and resources to bring Israel into their students' lives.

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Israel Institute

In partnership with leading universities, the Israel Institute works to enhance knowledge about modern Israel by ensuring that university students have access to classes about Israel during their time on campus.

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IsraAID is an international non-governmental humanitarian aid organization based in Israel, partnering with local communities around the world to provide urgent aid, assist in recovery and reduce the risk of future disasters.

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itrek brings future leaders from top business, law, policy and STEM graduate programs to Israel through peer-led treks with customized itineraries that suit academic and professional interests and connect with Israeli thought leaders, innovators and policymakers. 

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Birthright Israel

Birthright Israel offers free trips to Israel for Jewish young adults between the ages of 18 and 32, creating a journey through both Jewish history and the contemporary Jewish state, accompanied by Israeli peers who join the trips as colleagues and friends.

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Our Work in Israel

At Schusterman, we invest within Israel, working toward a secure homeland for the Jewish people, a thriving democracy and an inclusive society that cares for its most vulnerable.

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