Emergency Response Grants enable ROI Community members to create real-time impact in the face of real-world crises.

Even while ROIers themselves are affected by these crises and are experiencing increasing levels of uncertainty, they continue to demonstrate their leadership and their commitment to bettering society. We believe that ROIers are uniquely positioned to:

  • Identify specific, highly localized needs in communities they are a part of or are connected to;
  • Act quickly to organize and implement initiatives targeting those communities, and
  • Collaborate with other members of their networks to do this as efficiently and effectively as possible and amplify the impact of these small grants.

Applications are currently open for two Emergency Response Grant categories:

  • Humanitarian Support for Ukraine: The violence in Ukraine has created a global humanitarian crisis with far-reaching consequences. Basic supplies and aid are badly needed, and ROI Community members are mobilizing their networks to help support those most acutely affected.
  • Coronavirus Response: The world continues to face an unprecedented situation due to the coronavirus pandemic and resultant restrictions that are being put into effect across the globe. From online programming to PPE distribution, ROI members are thinking creatively about how to help people from all walks of life whose worlds continue to be upended by COVID-19.

See below for information on what Emergency Response Grants can support, who is eligible to apply, and how the grants are processed.

  • Active members of ROI Community are eligible to receive these Emergency Response Grants.
  • Beneficiaries of programming/initiatives funded by these grants should be local residents being impacted by the crises mentioned above: the situation in Ukraine and the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Emergency Response Grants are immediate, one-time grants of $1,000-$5,000 made towards programming and initiatives for populations affected by these crises.
  • This funding is intended for initiatives that align with the Schusterman Family Philanthropies vision, core focus areas and values. Read more about these here.
  • Programming must target at least 20 individuals or plan to reach at least 20 individual beneficiaries virtually. Grants will not be made in support of specifically-named individuals or families.
  • Preference will be given to programs and initiatives being developed in partnership between two or more ROIers.
  • Programming must comply with the guidelines set by relevant local authorities, for example, the Ministry of Health in Israel.
  • Grant applications will be processed within two business days of submission.
  • Final reporting must be submitted within 30 days of the completion of your project. You will find a link to your final report in the “My Tasks” section when logged in to
  • In keeping with ROI Micro Grant protocols, payment will be made via PayPal.
  • For grants of up to $1,000, payment will be transferred as reimbursement for expenses incurred, following reporting and submission of relevant receipts.
  • For grants over $1,000, 50% of the approved grant amount will be transferred upfront, and the other 50% will be transferred against reporting and submission of relevant receipts.