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ROI Community is a strategic impact network.

ROI Community is a strategic impact network whose members work together to tackle the most pressing challenges facing Israel and global Jewish communities.

Hailing from dozens of countries around the world, ROIers are driven by their diverse backgrounds, skills and passions to lead meaningful impact. Some are founders, others are grassroots organizers; all bring a colorful array of talents and experiences to bear in their efforts to create change.

Focused Impact

As an integral part of Schusterman Family Philanthropies, ROI seeks to uphold and advance the organization’s Mission and Values. 

Beginning at the Summit and throughout our year-round opportunities, we aim to support ROI members in making deep and measurable impact in strategic focus areas. These include post-October 7 relief and recovery efforts, and efforts to address the rise of antisemitism and anti-Zionism around the world. 

What does it mean to be an ROI community member?


We accept candidates into the Community with the understanding that they are eager to join an active, supportive, strategic network.

We expect ROIers to be responsive; to step up when opportunities to gain or contribute arise; to be active changemakers; to demonstrate a collaborative mindset; and to embody respectful discourse both in and out of the Community.

We encourage ROI members to bring their full selves to the network, including their unique perspectives and experiences.

A Global, Diverse Impact Network

ROI's connections, reciprocity, global nature, and diversity are key to our ability to be adaptive and innovative as we continuously strive to create change. This is the magic of ROI.

By gathering a cohort of changemakers with diverse backgrounds and opinions, we strive to give members the space to engage respectfully with new ideas, navigate complexity, explore new partnerships, and consider new ways of tackling adaptive challenges individually and as a group.

The characteristics we seek in applicants connect directly with our Community values.

We strive to build a community that models inclusion, kindness and humility—one that fosters a healthy environment for the genuine and respectful exchange of knowledge, ideas and opinions.

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The technicalities

To apply to participate in the Summit and join ROI Community, candidates must:

  • Be between the ages of 25 and 40 (including 25 and 40) during the dates of the gathering: September 15-19, 2024.
  • Be available to participate fully for the entire duration of the ROI Summit.
  • Be eligible to enter Israel according to the most updated travel and visa rules at the time of the conference. 
  • Have a basic ability to understand and participate in activities that are taking place in English.

What we are looking for in 2024

In 2024, we are seeking candidates who:

  • Are creating impact in one or more of ROI's three focus areas—see the breakdown below.
  • Hold significant leadership positions in their organizations or projects (e.g., directors of small to mid-size nonprofits, mid- to senior-level employees in the public sector or major NGOs, social activists leading significant initiatives in the field).
  • Have proven track records of impact.

roi's 2024 fields of impact

We are looking for candidates working directly in the following three fields:

Israel 2024//Contemporary Israel Challenges

  • Strengthening Israel's diverse society and democratic values by promoting inclusivity, fostering dialogue across divides, and encouraging civic engagement.
  • Cultivating the next generation of changemakers in policy research, content, and dialogue.
  • Advancing women's leadership and inclusion in decision-making.

A Resilient and Safe Israeli Society 

  • Strengthening community resilience and preventing the effects of war-related trauma. 
  • Innovation in improving and protecting the safety, security, and rights of women and children.

Combating Antisemitism and Building Bridges to Israel

  • Combating contemporary antisemitism and anti-Zionism.
  • Highlighting the diverse mosaic of Israeli society to global audiences, battling disinformation and biases, and enhancing international support for Israel.

Member Attributes

In addition to this, we are looking for applicants with the following qualities:

Impressive Professional Trajectory and Impact

Applicants who hold professional positions from which they can make—and have made—significant positive social impact, and who are recognized as influential players in their fields.

Community Spirit and Mindset

Applicants who are eager to be part of a community of reciprocity and to offer unique opportunities for engagement of fellow ROIers.

Generous, Gracious and Introspective Character

Applicants who are willing to give of their time, expertise and connections, and are humble, inclusive, introspective and curious.

Purpose-Driven Journey

Applicants who take initiative, inspire action among those around them, and whose work and impact are driven by their values (sense of שליחות).

Genuine Interest in and Connection to Israel or Jewish Life

Applicants who are open to being engaged in—and are curious about diverse expressions of—Jewish/Israeli life and community.

Eligibility FAQs

I have not been recommended to apply to the ROI Summit. Can I still apply?

Applications to the ROI Summit are only available to individuals who have been recommended by ROIers or organizational partners.

I was recommended to apply to the ROI Summit, but English is not my first language. Should I still apply?

Yes. ROI Community is a global network, and while ROI Summit programming is in English, we welcome applications from people who are not native English speakers. If you can make yourself understood in English and understand what's going on around you, we encourage you to apply.

I'm not available on some of the Summit dates. Should I still apply?

Accepted applicants are required to be present for the entire duration of the gathering. If you are unavailable on some of the Summit dates (September 15-19, 2024), please do not apply.

What if I'm leading measurable social impact, but not in one of ROI's three focus areas?

We applaud your efforts to create a better world. However, if your impact does not fall in one of ROI's three focus areas, the 2024 ROI Summit is not the right opportunity for you.


ROI Summit

ROI Summit

The ROI Summit is the gateway to the ROI Community network. The five-day gathering brings together global Jewish leaders with track records of impact.

ROI Community

ROI Community

Once accepted to the ROI Summit, ROIers gain access to exclusive resources and opportunities. In return, we expect our members to be active contributors to our community of reciprocity.