Statement on Recent Surge of Antisemitism

May 24, 2021

  • Jewish Community

We are deeply saddened and distressed by the rise in antisemitic attacks against the Jewish community in the U.S. and around the world.

This dangerous surge of hatred and attacks against Jews, in connection with the recent violence between Hamas and Israel, will not solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict nor put us on a path toward peace.

Hatred based on religion, like hatred based on race, ethnicity and gender, stokes fear and ignites division. Antisemitism is inextricably linked to other forms of hate and bigotry, and it is crucial that we continue to fight them together. Attacks on Jews are attacks on all Americans and the pluralism, freedom and inclusion for all religions upon which our country is based. Only when we commit to standing against and addressing ALL forms of hatred and discrimination can we build healthier relationships within our society and find the path to a more equitable and just future for all people.

We call on leaders, elected officials and allies to speak out against antisemitism, Islamophobia and all forms of hatred. Join the ADL for a virtual Day of Action Against Antisemitism on Thursday, May 27 at 4 pm ET.

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