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2023 ROI Impact Summit

December 3-7, 2023, Israel

ROI's first Impact Summit will gather approximately 100 ROI Community members and 20 partner participants from around the world for five days to pool their skills, passion and creativity and work together to explore solutions to pressing challenges that directly affect society in Israel and the Jewish world.

Learn about Impact Summit eligibility below, and see FAQs here.

To apply to participate in ROI Community's 2023 Impact Summit, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member of ROI Community. (ROIers: To activate your membership status, you must complete the 2022 ROI Member Survey by June 1, 2023. If you do not see the 2022 Member Survey task in the Community Portal, it means you have already completed the 2022 survey.

  • Be available to participate fully in the entire gathering, which is from December 3-7, 2023, in Israel. 

  • Be eligible to enter Israel according to the most updated travel entry rules at the time of the gathering. 

  • Be proficient in English, as discussions and sessions will take place in English. 

  • Have relevant skills, experience and/or knowledge to contribute to one or more of the tracks outlined in the following section. 

  • Possess the attributes (qualities) listed below.  


Just and Inclusive Society
Innovations in Times of Polarization
This track aims to explore ideas, tools and practices to safeguard democratic values and shared societies in the era of social fragmentation, fake news and social media.

  • Building bridges between Israel's diverse communities.
  • Fostering constructive dialogue, conflict resolution and collaborative problem-solving in light of current divisions.

Social Services Unboxed
Fresh Approaches to Supporting Marginalized Communities
This track explores innovative ideas, tools and practices that enhance the wellbeing of underserved populations and strengthen a robust infrastructure for social services.

  • System Upgrade: Building nonprofits' capacity through fresh methodologies, effective collaborations and cutting-edge approaches to tech and data.
  • Preventing violence against women and breaking the cycle of child abuse and neglect (here we will focus primarily on the Israeli context, while considering global trends and challenges).

Innovative Jewish Future
Cultivating Thriving Jewish Life and Strong Connections to Israel
This track explores ideas, tools and practices that conceptualize and actualize contemporary Jewish community and connections to Israel in a changing world.

  • Empowering young people to connect with inclusive Jewish values and contribute to a better world.
  • Cultivating resilient and meaningful connections between Israel and Jewish communities around the globe.

We look for applicants who possess the following qualities:

Track Involvement and Trajectory 


  • Demonstrate a genuine desire to address challenges in one or more of the tracks. 

  • Demonstrate significant potential to create impact in one or more of the tracks. 

  • Have the skills, tools, knowledge and/or experience to help advance initiatives or ideas in one or more of the tracks. 


ROI Community Spirit and Mindset 


  • Are motivated by a sense of purpose. 

  • Have a deep understanding of and commitment to ROI Community's values of reciprocity, inclusivity, and respectful discourse (even with those with whom you disagree). 

  • Are willing to contribute time, expertise and connections to enrich ROI Community and your fellow members. 


Generous, Gracious and Introspective Character 


  • Are humble, respectful and kind. 

  • Are open-minded and inclusive. 

  • Exhibit self-awareness, authenticity and curiosity.