2020 ROI Summit
(Jerusalem, June 21-25, 2020)

Despite continued safety measures set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health in Israel, COVID-19's global spread continues.

Given the current situation and the limitations on international travel that we expect to last for some time, the 2020 ROI Summit has been canceled.

See our FAQ regarding the cancellation of this year's Summit below:

Why not hold the 2020 Summit virtually?

The face-to-face component of the Summit is key to fostering the unique and meaningful friendships that continue over the years. It’s these connections that generate new ideas, collaborations and impact.

These types of bonds don’t develop during an inspirational keynote or over an interesting skill session. These types of connections are formed waiting in line together for lunch, on a shared bus ride and between roommates at the end of the day. They are vital to the Summit experience and can’t be replicated over a computer.

Why not just postpone the 2020 Summit to later in the year?

We arrived at this difficult conclusion after close monitoring of world health experts. Although we had continued to plan, pray, and hope for another transformative season, the risks posed by COVID-19 threaten the health and well-being of participants, staff, and faculty that attend the Summit, along with your communities back home. Ultimately, we determined that there are simply too many risks – both known and unknown, both now and over the coming months– to hold our Summit as usual.

Though many places worldwide are starting to reopen and resume normal activity, we still don’t know what the lasting impact of COVID-19 will be for things such as international travel and in-person gatherings. ROI Community prides itself on representing the greater global Jewish world and we wouldn’t be able to succeed in our mission if we were to exclude participants, and the communities they represent, because of travel restrictions.

Will I need to reapply for the Summit next year or can my current application be deferred?

We appreciate and acknowledge the time and effort you put in to writing your applications and we want to applaud your passion, leadership, and initiative. However, this year’s applications cannot be deferred.

We have no idea what 2021 will look like and what work will need to be done to ensure we are making impact in the right sectors of world Jewry. A lot is going to change for us and for you over the next year and it will be important that future gatherings reflect these shifting realities.

Our commitment to Jewish leaders and community activists around the world goes beyond the Summit and we continue to explore and expand our programmatic offerings. We encourage you to stay connected by exploring the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies website and following us on social media to receive organizational updates and news about member-led initiatives.

What does this mean for future ROI programming?

We recognize the power and importance of connecting. At present, many members are unable to meet in person due to health considerations and guidelines set forth by authorities such as governments, CDC, WHO, the Israeli Ministry of Health, etc. While some programming will continue online, other programs are currently on hold due to restrictions related to travel and/or gathering.

We seek to continue enhancing member connections and Community activity, both in-person and- where it makes sense- online. We will be sure to update you about our programming as it evolves!

What if I have a question not answered here?

Please email us at [email protected] with your question. We will do our best to answer in a timely manner and we will update this FAQ page accordingly.


Since its inception in 2006, ROI Community has garnered an international reputation for the quality and impact of its in-person gatherings, where Jewish innovators connect and create. 

The Summit, ROI’s flagship program, is the gateway into ROI Community. It gathers 150 of the Jewish world’s brightest young minds from every corner of the globe and every field of endeavor to dream big, network intensely, and learn a great deal from a cohort of talented peers. The upcoming Summit will take place in Jerusalem. Apart from a nominal fee, travel expenses and program costs are covered for participants.

Applying to the 2020 ROI Summit


Application to the 2020 ROI Summit was by recommendation. ROI Community turned to its members and network affiliates to recommend outstanding 2020 Summit candidates. Learn more about becoming a member here and read our Summit eligibility criteria here.

Get a feel for the Summit experience by checking out a short video from the 2019 ROI Summit below.

The ROI Summit is an accessible program, and we welcome applications from people with mobility, hearing or other physical limitations. For more information, or to check to what extent we will be able to accommodate your specific needs at the ROI Summit, please email [email protected].