Strong Jewish communities don’t just happen; they are built and sustained by passionate leaders who make them possible.

Jewish organizations are vital to the Jewish experience. They provide opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to embrace Jewish identity, engage with Jewish life and values, connect with Israel, and advocate for a more just and inclusive society. The success of these Jewish organizations depends on the work of their talented leaders and professionals.

But we are entering a period of unprecedented turnover; research tells us that the majority of Jewish nonprofits will need to hire a new CEO in the next 10 years. At the same time, other industries continue to attract young Jewish professionals, offering a wealth of competitive opportunities that draw potential leaders from our sector.

For our Jewish communities to thrive, we need a pool of talented professionals ready to lead, and cutting-edge workplaces that recruit, develop and retain top talent. 

This work starts now. To support Jewish organizations long-term, we need to strengthen the leadership capacity of rising Jewish leaders, focusing on personal advancement as well as their ability to drive sector-wide change. We also need to boost leadership that reflects the true diversity of our Jewish communities, bringing more women, people of color and LGBTQ professionals into c-suite roles.

Of course, sustaining strong leadership extends beyond just leadership development. For young Jewish professionals to want to become Jewish leaders, we need our workplaces to offer opportunities that are fulfilling, come with competitive resources and provide room for growth. This includes the need for Jewish workplaces to foster cultures free of harassment or discrimination.

By creating equitable and inclusive workplaces, with practices that value and affirm employees at every level and of all identities, we can ensure our sector effectively serves Jewish communities for the long-term.

Our Approach

We invest in organizations that help our sector retain top talent.

We support organizations expanding the scope of our field, from offering leadership trainings to providing employee experience surveys.

We run the Schusterman Fellowship, our signature leadership development program. 

The Schusterman Fellowship offers best-in-class training for exceptional professional and lay leaders capable of driving meaningful change in Jewish communities, Israel and beyond.

We foster collaborative networks.

Through periodic gatherings, we bring together senior leaders at Jewish organizations to strengthen communal partnerships.

We develop in-house professional resources.

To support Jewish organizations in working both effectively and equitably, we regularly publish data-driven reports that share best practices for our sector. 

We participate in joint initiatives to shape safe, respectful and equitable Jewish workplaces and communal spaces.

Along with other philanthropic partners, we fund projects that advance racial and gender equity in our communities.

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