We aim to dramatically increase the number of students of color, especially from low-income communities, who graduate high school prepared for college and the workplace.

When teachers are supported and well prepared, students achieve more. We know that when students have the chance to succeed in school, they also have the chance to succeed in life as professionals, responsible citizens and community leaders.

That is why we invest in effective efforts to support excellent teaching and school leadership. We work with a range of partners to provide teachers with the professional development, training and instructional resources they need to create classrooms that are places of rigor, excellence and joy. We also believe that smart, responsible education standards—including Common Core and other College and Career Ready Standards—ensure students are prepared for a lifetime of achievement.

In pursuit of our mission, we are proud to bring teachers and practitioners to the table and to lend our own voice in helping to strengthen education policy in America.

We deploy a number of strategies to achieve our goals.

  • Grantmaking: We work with our partners to help teachers and school leaders build their skills, achieve new expertise and gain access to the resources their students need to become college and career ready.
  • Communities of Practice: We convene organizations to learn from one another and leverage each other’s expertise and insights to solve shared challenges.
  • Advocacy: We support organizations that advocate for better education policies at the local, state and federal level, as well as elevate the influence of teachers.
  • Research: We invest in research to build the knowledge base in the field about professional learning, teacher preparation and the use of quality instructional materials.

All grants are made to organizations and initiatives identified by the Foundation. We do not accept unsolicited grant requests.